Fashion World Shapewear Challenge

I was recently asked by Fashion World , if I would like to take part in their 'Shapewear Challenge' and as someone who needs a little bit a lot of help with smoothing their body shape, I couldn't say no :) I must admit - if shapewear didn't exist, I wouldn't even consider wearing a bodycon dress, because I am very body/self conscious and I don't like my tummy area. Anyway... 

I was kindly sent three different shapewear items, including a thigh shaper, an underbust body shaper and a 3-pack of control briefs. My challenge was to wear each one with my chosen party outfit and score the shapewear, based on the style, fit, value, shape and confidence aspects.

The dress I am wearing is the Bodycon Monochrome Illusion Dress in a size 18 and the gorgeous  shoes I picked can be found here. I am not sure about the dress, because it makes me look much shorter than I am. I am 5ft 7 and I have long legs and as you can see on the last photo, the length of the dress makes me look like a really short person. I think I should have picked something shorter, or maybe a different style.

So... How did the Magisculpt  shapewear perform? Let's find out...

The Multiway Retro Underbust Bodyshaper (£35.00) was  the most comfortable piece to wear and it worked wonders at smoothing my back :) It also helped to create a bit more waist definition, providing slightly less hold than the other two items. I would recommend it to those, who want to smooth their full upper body and still feel 100% comfortable. I have been looking for something like this for ages and I think that my search is finally over. Perfect!

 Next, we have a 3 Pack Of Control Briefs* (£24.00). They are a really nice fit, but felt slightly less comfortable than the full body shaper and didn't smooth my full back. Other than that, they are amazing value for money and I could probably get used to wearing them every day. They add really nice definition to my waist, without stopping me from breathing or making me feel really uncomfortable while sitting down etc. 

The last item I put to the test was the High Waist Thigh Shaper* (£27.00). Just like the briefs, it done a great job at smoothing my tummy area, but it also helped to make my thighs look slimmer, without digging into the skin. It was perfect for the type of dress I picked and... it is much more affordable than Spanx. This item has the best hold and 'sucks me in' more than the  briefs and the underbust shaper.

Overall, I am very pleased with all the Magisculpt pieces I had a chance to try. They all made my waist slightly more defined and smoothed my body in the right places. The multiway body shaper has an added bonus of smoothing my full back though, so it is a winner for me :)

PS. I did something really silly (I am glad to see, that I am not the only one) and held the score charts on my waist level on all full body photos except one, so you couldn't really see a difference in my shape.

On the last photo, I am wearing the control briefs, but to be honest, I looked exactly the same in all the shapewear pieces and they all worked really well with my body shape :)

* I was kindly sent the shapewear, dress and shoes free of charge

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