Subtle Golden Smokey Eye With A Pop Of Green - My Favourite Eye Makeup Look For Brown Eyes

I love adding a pop of colour to my eye makeup looks and you won't see me wearing subtle, neutral eye shadows every single day of the year. In my opinion, all the fun is in experimenting with new colour combinations and making them work for you! Thankfully, most shades go with brown eyes, but... my favourites are definitely gold and green. This makeup look will probably work for everyone though and you can always use a cooler shade of green, if you are not sure about my vibrant choice :)

To create this look, I used my most loved eye shadow palette - Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol II. It is a beaut and I consider it my best makeup purchase ever! You can read my (very old) review of it here. My writing style was even worse than it is now, so please be nice :) haha. Moving on... 

To prime my eyelids, I used Lime Crime's  Eyeshadow Helper* (review here). To create a golden base, I applied Half Baked allover the lid and Sellout under the brow bones and in the inner corners. I added Twice Baked in the crease and blended it all out. For a pop of green, I used Homegrown - a gorgeous vibrant green colour. I use it a lot and I will probably hit pan on it soon - it will be a heart breaking moment, because this shade was exclusive to the Book Of Shadows Vol II. For extra sparkle I applied a small amount of Midnight Cowboy Rides Again onto the centre of the eyelid.

To make the look more dramatic, I used a black liquid liner (Bourjois Liner Pinceau),  a black kohl in the waterline and  Eldora H105 Falsies. I also applied some mascara to my bottom lashes.

That's the finished look. Let me know, if you like it and if you will give it a go yourself :) It is very simple and you can skip the eyeliner and falsies, if you prefer more subtle looks.

(very old picture)

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