Recipe: Healthy Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

I always get asked about the recipe for my healthy/clean pancakes and believe me... they couldn't be easier to make. The only ingredients you will need for the actual pancakes are bananas and eggs and you can add your choice of toppings or experiment with the batter.

The most simple way to make these is to mix 1 medium (very ripe) banana with two eggs. You simply beat the eggs, mash the banana with a fork and combine them together in a bowl. For extra fluffiness, add a pinch of baking powder. You can fry these (in a non stick pan) with your choice of oil, but I prefer using raw coconut oil, because it adds a nice flavour to the pancakes. I also love these with cinnamon or vanilla extract. There is no need to add sugar or sweetener, because ripe banana is super sweet and tastes amazing!

I fry these on low/medium heat to avoid burning and flip once the edges look golden brown or when the centre starts to bubble. A tablespoon of the batter should create a perfect mini pancake, ideal for stacking :)

I also make a protein version of the pancakes and simply add a scoop of protein powder to the mix.  It really helps to hold the mixture together. The batter is a bit thicker and the pancakes are more filling. 

The possibilities are endless. You can add cocoa powder for a chocolate flavour, wheatgrass powder, if you want them green etc. I like to eat them with Greek (greek style) yogurt and fruit.

Let me know, if you tried making clean banana pancakes. I love them! 

Other variations I made in the past :

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