Multitasking beauty products

I have many beauty products in my stash, but some of them deserve a special mention, due to their versatility. Who doesn't love a good 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 wonder? I definitely do, especially in terms of skincare. Balms are usually the best multitaskers, but I found some more gems too.

When I was younger, Vichy was my go to brand. I used their Normaderm range for a couple of years to keep breakouts at bay, but about 3 years ago I switched to more natural products. The 3 in 1 cleanser/scrub was something I haven't tried before, but I am glad I gave it a go. The formula is thick and creamy and a little goes a long way. You can either use it as a daily cleanser/exfoliator or a clarifying mask. It leaves my skin clean and smooth,  prevents breakouts and unclogs pores. It is suitable for sensitive skin and I will definitely repurchase it.

A natural version of the Vichy 3 in 1 scrub, but in a powder form. It works like the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and you simply mix it with water to create a smooth paste. It can be used as an exfoliating daily cleanser or a face mask. It contains organic sweet pea flour to soothe the skin and fresh pineapple enzymes to polish off dead skin cells. It works really well with my combination skin and does an amazing job at unclogging pores and reducing their size. I am very impressed!

I got my first tub of this wonderful balm a year ago as a Christmas present and I cannot recommend it enough! It is absolutely incredible and I repurchased the 100ml size after 6 months of regular use. It is definitely worth investing in and you can use it in many different ways. It removes all traces of makeup easily, cleanses the skin like no other product I have tried and... leaves it super soft and plump! It can also be used as a soothing and nourishing mask, a rescue balm on dry skin and a lip balm. Multitasking at it's best! 5 in 1 and worth every penny! 

I apply this mask allover my face once a week to draw out impurities and keep oil at bay, but... I also use it as an overnight treatment for nasty breakouts. I use a small amount of Origins Super Spot Remover first and follow with a thick layer of the mask on the affected area. It really helps to reduce swelling and redness and if I am lucky, the spot is gone in the morning. Magic! I also like using this mask as an antibacterial cleanser, when my skin needs a quick fix. I mix it with a little bit of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and give my face a good massage, focusing on problem areas. If you have oily skin, try mixing a deep cleansing mask with a cream cleanser and you might fall in love with this combo :) 

You can read my full review of the mask here.

This little rollerball is a real lifesaver. I love using it allover my face for a boost of radiance and extra hydration or to speed up the healing process of breakouts. There is nothing worse than having a red mark on your face for weeks/month, so I always make sure to apply a drop of the Radiance Face Oil onto any blemishes to boost cell renewal and improve circulation. 

I mentioned this product many times, but I had to include it in this post! It is simply amazing! It can be used on any dry areas, including knees, elbows, lips, face, feet and your whole body. It has antibacterial, antifungal  and healing properties and it  is perfect for any cuts, cracks and bruises. I also use it on my baby boy and my husband, because both of them have dry/eczema prone skin.  It smells gorgeous too! It is a pricey balm, but you get 75 g, which is 3-5 times more than any other balm.

The last product is a cheaper alternative of the Antipodes Balm, but it smells more herbal. I use it mostly on my baby boy, but it is recommended for sensitive skin too. It features natural ingredients and soothes redness, irritation and itching. I would recommend it for any mums or mums-to-be or for those with eczema and dry skin. At £3.99, you can't really go wrong with this product and I am sure you will use it a lot. I use it on my cuticles, elbows and knees and obviously on my baby boy :)

*products marked with an asterisk are PR samples

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