Renovating and decorating a shower room

The shower room can be one of the toughest 'rooms' to decorate. You can either dismiss it as not being important enough to do much work on; or if you use it every day, you’ll want it to be as pleasant as possible. In a way, the smaller the room the more difficult it is to decorate. But there’s no need to feel defeated. Read on for some tips, that might work for you.

Power shower

If you are putting a new shower in, head straight for the range of power showers by Mira Showers! Once you’ve had a water massage with one of these, you will never go back to a regular shower. They have six different models which deliver between 12 and 15 litres of water per minute. That’s a lot of powerful water!

Mira Showers have been in the showers business for nearly a century so know all there is to know about the best quality products suitable for a range of spaces. They’ve been behind many innovations in shower designs as well so you know you’re getting something from the experts.



One thing to remember about a power shower - it needs to be installed alongside low pressure, tank-supplied systems as it relies on gravity for pumping the water through at such high pressure. If you’re good at DIY and want to install a power shower yourself, you can manage the job in about half a day.

Best covering

A shower room is one of the moistest rooms in your home so you want to choose ceiling material carefully. There are a few choices on the market. Water Resistant Sheet of Greenboard is perfect for a shower room ceiling and walls because it is moisture-resistant (not water-proof). Still, it fits the bill nicely. Vapour Barriers are an alternative and very important in a tiled shower room. This water-proof board is placed in between tiles and the backboard of shower stall floors, walls and ceilings.

Glazed ceramic tiles are great for walls and ceilings over more porous material any day of the week. Water will not get through ceramic glaze and, on top of that, it’s easy to clean.

On the subject of cleaning, back to Mira, their power shower heads are very easy to rub clean so there is no limescale build-up. Perfect!

Make it look bigger

Picking colours for a room is one of the best parts of decorating. It’s easy to make a small shower room look bigger with the right shades on the wall. It’s no surprise that pale, soft colours give the illusion of more space partly because they are so good at reflecting light. So if you’ve ever thought after pale pink or blue for one of your rooms, this could be your chance!

*collaboration with Mira Showers

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