A cute ebay find: Pink Eyelash Case

I have been looking for a cute eyelash case for ages, but there are really hard to find on ebay. I finally managed to get my mitts on this one, but unfortunately it isn't available as 'buy it now'. I had to bid on it and paid around £1.50 :) It is soooo cute! I can finally store my favourite lashes somewhere, instead of sticking them to something random, like a compact or an eyeshadow palette :) haha.

I found a listing here, where you can bid on one of these, but you can also buy an original Koji one here for $8.99 (+p&p). I personally wouldn't pay more than £3-£4 for it, because it is just a simple plastic box.

Let me know, if you spotted any cute eyelash cases somewhere. I definitely need more of them!

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