Lash Boutique False Eyelashes Review

I love false lashes and I started wearing them regularly, after a long break. I tried the Rapid Lash Serum to make my natural lashes longer, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Thankfully, the choice of falsies on the market is amazing and the good quality ones are very easy to apply and super comfortable. My latest discovery in the falsies department is a brand called Lash Boutique. I was kindly sent some of their lashes to try out and I am very impressed.

First of all, the packaging is lovely and will keep your falsies safe. They come in a very sturdy cardboard box with the brands logo on the front and the name of the lashes on the back. They would make a perfect gift for those who love falsies! The three styles I received are: Melanie, Lainey and Lydia and they are all gorgeous.

Created by a Celebrity Makeup Artist Amy Alexandra and Entrepreneur Jenny Sapiano, Lash Boutique bring you high-end quality lashes available at high street prices. The lashes are made with ethically sourced 100% human hair and are all priced at £9.99.

They are really well made, easy to apply and very flexible. The strip on all the styles I received is clear, making the falsies appear more natural. You can cut them to size, but they fitted my eye shape perfectly. The black glue is great for those who wear black liner, but if you are a newbie, I would recommend using clear glue, as it can get messy. Once applied, the lashes stay on all day, feel very comfortable on my eyelids and look AMAZING! They can be reused many times, just make sure to clean them properly after each use.

My favourite pair/style must  be 'Lainey'. Oh my... Those lashes look amazing! The other two pairs are more natural looking and you can easily wear them to work etc. Applied properly, they will look like your own lashes. I think I became addicted to falsies again, ooops :)

Lainey Lashes* £9.99 

Very full and super long. They create a dramatic effect and feel very light. I am wearing them on the first photo as well (just in case you want to see how they look like with my eyes open).

Lydia Lashes* £9.99

Very natural looking set of lashes, perfect for daytime, to add extra length and volume. On the photos above, you can see the difference between my eye makeup with (left) and without falsies (right). They make a big difference. I avoid applying mascara once the false lashes are on, but you can easily create a more dramatic effect with just one coat of your favourite mascara. It will help to blend your natural lashes with the falsies. I choose not to do it, to make the lashes last longer.

Melanie Lashes* £9.99

Very similar to Lydia lashes, but slightly shorter. They add more volume and a bit of extra length.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Lash Boutique falsies and I really enjoy wearing them. The black glue is something you will either love or hate, but you can easily replace it with clear glue. I found the black glue hard to remove to be honest. Other than that, the falsies are perfect! Celebrity fans of the lashes include: Jennifer Lopez, Caroline Flack, Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby.

You can buy the Lash Boutique lashes from the Lash Boutique Website.

*PR samples

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