Guest Post: A cool DFS 'Lipgloss' Sofa by Giles Deacon

Giles Deacon transforms interior design with DFS Lipgloss Sofa for London Fashion Week

As a showcase for the most innovative, eye-catching and groundbreaking designs from around the world, London Fashion Week was the perfect place to show off the stylish new Lipgloss sofa from DFS.

Thanks to its great looks, the sofa was able to give the catwalk outfits a good run for their money and caused quite a stir in the world of fashion and design as a result.

The Lipgloss sofa

Created by fashion designer Giles Deacon, the Lipgloss sofa from DFS is a fantastic example of how high fashion and functionality can coexist. The bold design and generous proportions of the sofa make it impossible to ignore and indeed the photo-like print and scattered flashes of colour seem to draw you in to have a closer look.

Like all DFS sofas, the Lipgloss sofa is well conceived and well made. However, its designer credentials set it apart from the pack and make it this season’s must have piece of furniture.

For those with the space and the budget, you can complete the look of your Lipgloss sofa with a matching footstall; perfect for helping you to relax after a long day on the catwalk.

Giles Deacon

Though Giles Deacon is more associated with high fashion than furniture design, his playful and inventive style suits the art of sofa styling perfectly.

Deacon was given free reign by the furniture company to create the design, allowing him to stamp his own distinctive style on the piece. This has resulted in a sofa that is unlike anything else you’ll see on the market.

Getting your home ready for the catwalk

Thanks to it’s carefully thought out colour scheme, the Lipgloss sofa would look great in most interiors and is guaranteed to catch your visitor’s attention the moment they walk through the door.

The lip-shaped scatter cushions which come with the sofa are perfect for accessorising the piece and softening its edges slightly. Or you can place them on other items of furniture to help draw your interior design scheme together.

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture with catwalk credentials, the Lipgloss sofa from DFS is for you. Providing your home with style, comfort and a great focal point, this sofa is a real trendsetter.

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