Clarins The Essentials Eye Makeup Palette

Another neutral eye shadow palette? Well... The Essentials Eye Makeup Palette by Clarins is different. It was created to make your eyes look amazing, while supporting human rights and the environment. Clarins has joined forces with Pur Project and they promised to plant 10,000 trees to help revive the Kuntanawa culture. As someone who studied (and is passionate about )cultural anthropology, I feel very strongly about preserving and reviving vanishing cultures, so it makes me really happy to see Clarins engaging in such a great cause. Well done! But what do I think about The Essentials Eye Makeup Palette itself? Let's find out.

First of all, the packaging is made with carefully selected, eco friendly materials and it is actually reusable. Once you used up all the eye shadows, you can use the case to store your brushes etc, which is very cool! I really like the sleek design and the thick cardboard feels surprisingly sturdy. I actually prefer cardboard packaging on bigger palettes- in my experience, it protects the eye shadows from breaking if you manage to drop the palette. When I dropped my Naked 2 (in a metal case) two eye shadows shattered completely and my cardboard palettes are still in perfect condition after many, many falls :)

The Essentials palette comes with a double ended brush with one side perfect for applying the eye shadow allover the lid and blending and the smaller side for adding finishing touches. There is 10 eye shadows  in the palette, all of them in different shades of brown, taupe and and beige. The selection of colours couldn't be more perfect. Most of them have a satin/frost finish, but there are also two matte shades and one sparkly/iridescent gold.

The formula of the satin shades is super pigmented and almost buttery, while the two matte shades are more subtle and slightly on the powdery side (1,4) The sparkly gold shade (2) is quite sheer, but it has the most beautiful shimmer in it and reflects light beautifully. It is probably my favourite colour from the palette.

Like all Clarins eye shadows, these are a dream to apply and stay put all day! They are also very easy to blend. I am absolutely in love with the selection of colours  and I can't stop using the palette. 

If you are looking for wearable, neutral shades - The Essentials Palette is for you. It would be a good start for those who haven't tried Clarins eye shadows yet or a perfect treat for Clarins addicts :)

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swatches in daylight
swatches with flash
LOOk 1: wearing shade 6 allover the lid and shade 2 under the browbone
LOOK 2: wearing shade 10 allover the lid, blended out with shade 1 and 2
Look  3: wearing shade 2 in the inner corner and under the browbone, shade 8 and 10 in the outer corner

*PR sample

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