Pretty Flowers Make Me Happy

Flowers are something I absolutely adore and they never fail to put a smile on my face. I have fresh flowers in the house most of the time, especially in Summer. I usually separate big bouquets into smaller ones and put single flowers in small vases to make all rooms look pretty :) This time I took a couple of flowers out and put them in a big clear jar, on top of some magazines and books. I think I spend too much time on Pinterest :) haha. If I could have multiple bouquets of fresh flowers in every room, I would! 

When I was asked to pick a bouquet from Debenhams Flowers, I spent hours on their website trying to decide between pinks and yellows and as you can see, I went for yellow and white at the end. The bouquet I picked consists of yellow roses and white freesias and it is absolutely gorgeous. It also smells incredible! It is meant to last for a minimum of 7 days (or your money back), which is great, but I hope I can enjoy it for a bit longer :) 

PS. I was naughty and picked a bouquet with a little box of chocolates, as my weekend treat :) Yum!

The Rose & Freesia Bouquet is part of the Congratulations Range and it costs £29.99 with free standard delivery.

 If you fancy ordering a bouquet, you can use a 15% off code (valid until 30th of December 2013):

*I was kindly sent the flowers free of charge
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