'Feeling Blue'

This post was supposed to be about a big selection of electric blue accessories, but the items I ordered from ebay haven't arrived :( The replacements are on their way, but I will have to wait another 3-4 weeks for them. I decided to prepare a blue themed post anyway and... I couldn't resist a matching electric blue manicure.

 The bag itself is a true electric blue colour and it really makes a statement, especially with the gold studded detail. I am not sure what to wear it with, but it will definitely go with simple outfits and classic colours. I wore it with a floral dress and it looked odd, so I might pair it with more casual outfits in the future. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous, but it kept catching my jumpers and I had to take it off to avoid ruining my clothes. It was too short as well, so I had to do some diy and adjust the chain. To match my new bag, I painted my nails with an electric blue shade by Pixi. I am also lusting after electric blue high tops, so there might be another blue themed post in the future :)

links: bag ($45.00) , necklace (£10.00)

*bag and necklace c/o www.chicnova.com

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