Clear Skin and vitamin boost with Viridian Nutrition.

I am obsessed with healthy eating and nutrition and I always make sure to eat my 5 a day (or more) and balanced, nutritious meals. I also do my best to exercise regularly and my Polar FT4 watch really helps to motivate me. I get very annoyed when people assume that I am unhealthy, because I am carrying extra weight and I am sick of unnecessary, rude comments from those who could do with a lifestyle change themselves. I eat a very healthy diet (see my instagram for meal ideas), I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I exercise...  I made small changes to my lifestyle, I am happy, I feel great, I am slowly getting back to my pre-preganancy weight and I realise that it is not going to happen overnight. 

Eating clean has a big impact on the skin and avoiding processed foods and sugars  will definitely show on your face. I love adding extra vitamins and superfoods to my diet though and I have been taking supplements from Viridian for the past few months to keep my body and skin happy. 

I was kindly sent the Clear Skin Collection* and I noticed really good results. The kit costs £36.71 and includes the Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil, Clear Skin Complex Vegetarian Capsules and 'The Clear Skin Cookbook'. The capsules are formulated to help you get clear, fresh, blemish free skin and the Clear Skin Omega Oil will prevent inflammation, and maintain cellular integrity. Since I started taking the Clear Skin products, I have been getting less breakouts and my skin is looking healthier in general. 'The Clear Skin Cookbook' helps to understand skin concerns better, explains how what we eat affects our skin and features easy to follow recipes. If you are looking for a vitamin boost and some literature to guide you, the Clear Skin Collection is exactly what you need.

I also use the Viridian Beauty Oil in all my smoothies and you can read my full review here. It quickly became my skincare and diet staple! The flavour is very unusual, but very addictive :)

I also received some products for my 2 year old boy, but unfortunately I couldn't get him to take any of the oil or capsules. I am very disappointed, because he is a fussy eater and I always try to add extras to the foods he likes- unfortunately, he can taste the difference and always refuses the meal. It's very upsetting. I tried adding the Viridikid Organic Omega-3 Oil* to smoothies and the Viridikid Multivitamins & Minerals* to yogurts, but every attempt was a massive fail. It is heartbreaking to see my little boy refusing a lot of nutritious foods and vitamins, but I hope it changes soon.

If I can get Zachary to take supplements in the future, I will definitely buy them from Viridian. Their products don't contain any nasties - no added sugar, no aspartame or other sweeteners, no colourings, flavourings, binders etc. 

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