Smooth "summer ready" legs

Hair removal is the only beauty related task I absolutely hate! I love the feeling of smooth legs though, so leaving them "au naturel" is not an option. There is many ways of getting rid of those pesky hairs, so I decided to share my thoughts and let you know what works best for me :)

The most popular option and the first choice for most of us are razors. They are probably the easiest thing to use and you can pick from many brands and types. I always pick ones with cartridges, like WIlkinson or Venus. I can use them on my legs, without getting a rash/reaction, but underarms and bikini area are a big no, no! I have one problem with razors - as a person prone to accidents aka "clumsy" - I always manage to cut my legs, especially on and behind my knees and on my ankles.... 

I am not a fan of hair removal creams, because they contain too many chemicals. The thought of something dissolving my hair makes me feel uneasy and when I tried the creams in the past, my skin felt really dry and irritated. 

I used to be terrified of waxing, but I got used to it and I love using at home kits and strips. The first option can be messy though, so I usually stick to wax strips. My favourite brand is Veet. It is painful, but if I do it regularly, I have smooth legs for 2-3 weeks, so it is worth it. I usually get red bumps allover my legs after waxing, but it is normal and aloe vera always helps to reduce irritation and redness.

Another hair removal tool and a method definitely more painful than waxing! I got an epilator a couple of years ago and I used it regularly for over 2 years. One day I stopped using it and after a long break, I cannot imagine going back to the same routine. Omg! It is so painful! The tweezer disc rotates and rips the hair out and all I want to do is scream (30 minutes for legs only!). OUCH! I am always left with a horrendous rash and I get ingrown hair... Never again!

My favourite hair removal tool and the one I use regularly is my electric shaver. I got the shaver attachment  with my Philips epilator (the purple one on the photo) and it is definitely my best beauty tool purchase ever! I can't imagine my life without it. It is amazing, hassle free and never irritates my skin. It doesn't give a finish as smooth as a razor, but it is super quick and doesn't require creams or oils. I slap some moisturiser on after shaving my legs and I am ready to wear a summer dress! 

The last option (I can think of) and the most expensive one is laser hair removal. It is something I have been considering for over 5 years and I will probably try it in the future. Depending on your pain threshold, it can be totally pain free, slightly uncomfortable or painful. The best laser hair removal treatment shouldn't hurt in my opinion, so I am not expecting to scream during the procedure.

The laser works by sending a concentrated beam of light to the follicle of the hair and damaging it to stop hair growth. The results are different on everyone and you will probably need 4-5 treatments and you should keep in mind that some of your hair can grow back within a couple of months/years. I am not an expert though, so make sure to do some research before booking your appointment. Sk:n clinics offer consultations and test patches before starting laser hair removal treatment and I will make sure to book an appointment at my local one, once I can afford the treatment. 

What is your favourite method of hair removal? Are you considering laser?

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