Home Decor: Cable and Cotton Lights

You might have seen a sneak peek of Cable & Cotton lights in my previous home decor post or on my instagram, but they definitely deserve a separate post and... loads of pictures :)
I bought my first set of Cable & Cotton string lights a couple of weeks ago from Achica and I fell in love with the design. They make my living room look very cosy and got the "husband approval" too, which doesn't happen very often. You can see my first set here and on the last photo.

I was recently asked, if I would like to review a custom set of Cable & Cotton Lights* and I couldn't say no! :) You can order pre-selected combinations or choose from 38 beautiful colours and three lengths. I got a set of 20, but you can also order 35 or 50. The set of 20 costs £22.95 making it an absolute bargain. I went for a totally different colour combo this time - with blue, white and grey/light olive and it is gorgeous! 

The set comes in a big box, in which you get a string of clear fairy lights and the cotton balls. The assembly is super easy and all you need to do is put the balls onto the fairy lights and plug them into the wall :) If you have a curious baby, make sure to tell them that they cannot squeeze the balls, because it will damage them! My baby boy is obsessed with them, but I managed to explain to him to be careful :)

Cable & Cotton Lights look incredible in daylight and magical at night time and I am really happy with both sets. I am using one as a table light and one as a corner lamp - wrapped around a wooden pole. I am planning to order another set for my baby boy's bedroom with bright green, sky blue and white balls :)

You can order a set of Cable & Cotton Lights from www.cableandcotton.co.uk

used as table lights (above)
my first set (in beige) used as a corner lamp (above)

*I bought my first set with my own money and received the second one free of charge

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