5 Ways To Get Back On The Fitness Train

It’s tough to stay on top of your health and fitness when you become a parent, while juggling your career, keeping up with friends, and completing all your side projects. Still, trying to stay motivated to stay in shape can be a struggle. Although it’s challenging to squeeze some exercise and activity into your day, it isn’t impossible. If you feel overwhelmed hitting the gym or pulling your sneakers back on, here is some advice for getting back on the fitness train when you've been away for a while. 

Do It Right This Time 

Many people have tried and failed to establish a workout routine that works for them. This could be because they don't plan their schedule efficiently enough, or life gets in the way. It could also be that they don’t approach it the right way

Although everyone has different athletic needs, all human bodies contain essentially the same thing. So, you need to provide it with adequate fuel to prepare your body with the right nutrients. You don’t need to be an expert, either, since organizations like AthleticStore can teach beginners all about what to look for when seeking effective workout nutrition and fuel. 

Find Activities You Enjoy 

Everyone has an activity they love but not everyone has found it yet. This could sound familiar, especially if you’ve signed up for more gym memberships than you can count in your lifetime but never established any consistency. 

The same goes for running or the sports you used to participate in during gym class. There are so many more activities for you to explore, ranging from a simple stroll around the neighbourhood to a session at your local climbing centre.

Take It Slow

You may have tried to establish a new fitness routine hundreds of times, but one session at the gym has had you aching and sore for days, so you never return. Trying to do too much too soon is the worst thing you can do for your fitness routine because you never develop consistency and associate going to the gym with negative feelings. 

Instead of hitting every machine during your first session, it’s better to take it slowly. You don’t need to show off and run 5K in 20 minutes on the treadmill or lift the biggest weights because you’ll end up injuring yourself. Instead, push yourself but try to stay in your comfort zone so you feel great at the end of your session and look forward to the next one while also giving yourself the chance of a speedy recovery to prevent any snags. 

Speak to a Physician

If you haven’t worked out in a while and you’ve noticed you need to make a few extra notches on your belt, you may not be in prime exercise condition. This doesn't mean you can’t exercise, but you should visit your physician for a checkup to see how your blood pressure–at the very least–is doing. 

Many gyms and workout equipment are clear about who can and cannot use them, and being severely unfit could be considered a liability. If nothing else, a checkup can give you peace of mind that you’re much fitter than you feel or, on the other hand, give you the impetus and advice for how to approach your new routine. 

Invest In Good Workout Gear

Some people spend too much time thinking about which outfits to purchase before going to the gym, but while investing in the right gear is helpful, you don’t need to spend hundreds on workout gear, especially when just getting back into it.

Think of your workout gear as your first set of tools. There’s no point in buying the best of the best outright because there’s a chance you might not use them forever or even stick with the hobby. Instead, look at something that provides excellent beginner support, such as shirts and shorts that encourage breathability or running shoes that offer exceptional support. This gear gives you everything you need to get started and you can upgrade your equipment and clothing as you become more experienced and comfortable. 

Putting Your Fitness First 

Exercise is part of a well-balanced lifestyle and it can have a wide range of benefits for your physical appearance and mental well-being. Even if you’ve not exercised in a while, there is bound to be something that gets the blood pumping, so consider which sports or activities appeal to you and search for ways to embrace your new lifestyle. 


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