Viridian Ultimate Beauty: Beauty Oil, Beauty Complex and Organic Rose Oil

I believe that eating clean and taking vitamins and supplements plays a big part in a good skincare routine. 
I eat a balanced diet, full of fresh fruit, veg, but I am never sure if they contain everything my body needs.

When I was asked if I would like to try some products from Viridian Nutrition , I couldn't say no.
I was kindly sent the Ultimate Beauty Oil , Ultimate Beauty Complex  and Organic Rose Oil to try out about a month ago, and I just finished taking all the capsules and the bottle of oil.

 Have I noticed a difference in my skin? Let's find out...

I will start with the Ultimate Beauty Oil* ( £9.50, 200ml). I have been adding it to smoothies and milkshakes and it is a great source of 3:6:9 fatty acids. It contains a broad range of potent antioxidants including vitamin E, alpha-carotene, beta carotene and lutein.

You probably know this, but essential fatty acids are very important and our body can't produce them on its own. If you don't eat fatty fish, nuts, flaxseeds etc.. you should consider taking supplements. I am a big fish eater, but I take Omega 3, 6 & 9 supplements every day anyway. Fatty acids have a long list of benefits for your brain, nervous system and skin, they help prevent blood clots and block the growth of breast cancer cells! The list is much longer and I could write a separate post about it, but overall, they are AMAZING!

The Ultimate Beauty Oil has a delicate nutty flavour, but if you use it in smoothies, you won't really taste it. I also used it in salad dressings and it tasted really nice. The price is very affordable and I will definitely repurchase it.

The Ultimate Beauty Complex* (£9.50, 30 capsules) is another great product from Viridian . 
It is a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant-based phytonutrients for the maintenance of collagen integrity, supporting the underlying structures of healthy skin, hair and nails.  

I think that the name of this product says it all - it was created to help you look beautiful.
I was taking one capsule every day for a month (as well as the Beauty Oil) and my skin is thanking me for it. It has a healthy glow, it feels softer and has more elasticity.  I also noticed that my my nails are stronger and my hair has more shine. 

To treat my skin on the outside, I have been using the Organic Rose Oil* (£32.00, 50ml).
You probably know that I love face oils. This one is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin and has a delicate rose scent.
 I like using it when I am in a mood for  a facial massage or when my skin needs extra care.  The blend of Rose and Neroli leaves my face and neck soft and hydrated and doesn't lave a residue. Perfect!

All the products I mentioned are a part of the Viridian Nutrition range of supplements and beauty products dedicated to Purity, the Environment and Charity (read more about it here).

Viridian products are available from their website (Viridian Nutrition) and over 1000 UK stockists.

*PR samples

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