Mini haul: some super heathy superfoods

Hi everyone. I have a couple of healthy recipes prepared for next week, but I will start with a very unusual haul :)

I love heathy food and I always make sure to eat my 5 a day and loads of fruit and veg in general.
I wanted to try some superfoods for a while, so I placed an order online and got a couple of products.

Let's start with the tastiest: Mulberries! Oh my.... They taste incredible and can be added to your porridge or muesli. You can also snack on them straight from the bag :) Yummy!

I got  100g of organic white mulberries (here) for only £2.08! They are full of vitamins and minerals and taste absolutely amazing! Very sweet and juicy! They contain powerful antioxidants to protect against cancer and heart disease. 

I love chocolate, but I haven't touched it for a couple of weeks. I opted for a healthy alternative instead, in a form of raw chocolate covered mulberries. If you like the taste of strong, dark chocolate, you will love them! The 100g packet (here) costs £3.79. 

The mulberries are organic, dipped in dark raw dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa. 
They are 100% healthy and good for you, so don't worry if you eat a full packet :) I try to eat a maximum of 5 with cereal or as a snack. They are addictive though :)

Next, we have Chia Seeds. I love using them on top of avocado, boiled eggs, salads, greens... anything really. They go with sweet and savoury food. 100g costs £2.98 (here) and it should last you for 2 weeks. I only use  sprinkle each time. Chia seeds are very nutritious, packed with fibre, antioxidants, protein (32g in 100g), vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Random facts: They swell up in water and are neutral in flavour.

The last thing I bought is Barley Grass Powder. I was planning to buy Wheat Grass Powder, but for some reason I ended up ordering this one. It costs £2.83 (here) for 100g.  It is similar to What Grass though. It neutralises free radicals and preservatives, which makes it perfect for detox!

It contains vitamins B, C, E and K, calcium, iron, copper, potassium, manganese and zinc.

It helps with conditions like arthritis, inflammation, asthma, anaemia, diabetes, blood clots, obesity, impotence and kidney problems. AMAZING! I will be having it every single day  in smoothies, pancakes, milkshakes, juices etc...  and... you only need one tablespoon a day to benefit from it! 

I bought all the foods here, because the prices and delivery charges seemed very reasonable.
Other websites wanted to charge me over £5 for delivery... Let me think... No! :)

If you know other online stores who stock superfoods and don't charge a fortune for delivery, let me know in the comments below.

You can follow my clean/healthy  eating on instagram. I add photos of healthy foods a couple of times a day.
You can find me here or search my username: theblackpearlb

PS. I lost my camera charger, so the photos are taken with an iPad.

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