Life #1

Every time I try to focus on writing more beauty posts, I end up adding the most random content :) haha
Well... This time I am sharing some photos I took in April and May. You might know that I moved house recently, so my life has been pretty hectic. The full process was really exhausting, but it is finally over and I love our new house :) I still have some unpacking to do, but it can wait. 

I found a massive bush of lovely pink flowers in the back garden of the old house. They are so beautiful!

I got this cute cushion from Primark. It was a bargain -£3!

Very random... Cute pastel slippers :)  (Primark)

More Korean cosmetics... This little lip balm is by Tony Moly. 

I am still trying to eat as clean as possible and I have been loving stir fries made with colourful veg!

And the most important part of my life - my little boy :) His last operation was in April and it was a stressful time, but it is all over now and he is perfectly fine :) He is such a brave boy!


I hope you enjoyed this random post :) 


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