Home fragrance: Vanilla Satin, Cinnamon and Lemongrass

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I mentioned before, that I adore candles and home fragrance. I know... it seems like every blogger is addicted to candles :) haha. I am not surprised to be honest. Candles are amazing and I can't imagine my home without them. I was lucky to receive a lovely package from the Scented Candle Shop last week and I have been in candle heaven since then :)

In Spring I like fresh and zesty scents, but... the cold weather decided to stay with us for good, so I went back to sweet notes of cinnamon and vanilla. I adore anything vanilla scented and my all time favourite Yankee Candle is Vanilla Satin. It is just perfect. Unfortunately, the candle was sold out, because it is one of the most popular scents ever. Instead of getting a candle in this scent, I went for the Reed Diffuser, Room Spray and a little Scented Sachet.

This candle was the closest match to Vanilla Satin. The sweetness of cinnamon and brown sugar  goes perfectly with vanilla and nutmeg. It is such a comforting scent. Perfect for cold evenings, when I am watching movies snuggled under a blanket :) The tall glass jar contains two wicks to create a larger wax pool and a stronger scent. Unfortunately, the wax doesn't melt allover, like I expected. I think that it would need three wicks, like the Neom Candles. I love the scent though, so it is not a big issue.

This reed diffuser is a great way to bring a gorgeous scent into your home, without the need of burning a candle. It smells beautiful, with the top note of vanilla and a hint of sandalwood. If you leave all the wicks in the bottle, it will give you 6-8 weeks of continuous fragrance, but to make it last even longer, you can take half of the wicks out :) I also got the Vanilla Satin Odour Eliminating Room Spray*  (£5.65) and a  Vanilla Satin Scented Sachet*  (£2.99) - to keep in my wardrobe. 

This candle is the only one I got with a more zesty scent. The uplifting lemongrass is perfect for Spring and I cannot wait to burn it in our new house, whilst  unpacking everything. I always need a fresh, citrusy fragrance to give me a boost of energy. The Heaven Scent candle is 100% organic, vegan and eco-friendly, made with pure essential oils and plant wax. 

You can buy all the products I mentioned in this post from the www.scentedcandleshop.com
They stock a huge selection of Yankee Candles, Heaven Scent and more.

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