Clean eating update and a quick recipe for an avocado salad.

Hi everyone. I must admit - I am really enjoying clean eating. I do have an odd slice of pizza sometimes, but 90% of my meals are healthy and nutritious. 
There is something about fresh fruit and veg that makes me happy and I just love it!
I am trying out some new oils and supplements as well and I will update you on that soon. I have been asked about my weight a couple of times, but I am planning to keep it to myself at the moment.  I am slowly reaching small goals and I am happy with that. It is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. If you want to know what kind of food I have been eating for the past 2 weeks, have a look at the instagram pictures on the bottom of the post.

I also wanted to include a quick recipe for an avocado and tomato salad on a bed of chinese cabbage
It is really easy to make.

I diced a big avocado, 2 tomatoes and two garlic cloves and mixed them in a bowl. I added sea salt and black pepper and a generous squeeze of lime juice. You can also add Cantaloupe melon, but if you are not sure about eating tomato and melon at the same time, you can stick to avocado and  tomato :) To make the salad look more interesting I used two big leaves of chinese cabbage as a bed. You can pick them up with your hands and eat your salad without any cutlery :) Yummy! I topped it with basil leaves for decoration purposes :)

You can add diced Cantaloupe Melon if you like a little bit of sweetness in your salads. I love this combo!

Enjoy! :)


1. Tagliatelle with homemade pesto, smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes.
2. Smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions, carrot, cucumber, cream cheese and crisp breads
3. Boiled egg, sundried tomatoes, olives
4. Grapes
5.Wholemeal toast with peanut butter and banana
6. Rice, veg, quorn fillet, broccoli
7. Cottage cheese, carrot, broccoli, cucumber and onion
8.Cottage cheese and carrot salad + cucumber
9. Rice and veg

1.Cinnamon tea, dried apricots and dates
2. Oatmeal with almond milk, strawberries, hazelnuts and dried dates
3. Wholemeal sandwich with Brie, mango chutney, rocket and a side salad
4. Butternut squash soup
5. Strawberry and pineapple smoothie
6. Carrot and walnut cake in the making :) 
7. Raspberry smoothie topped with dried Goji Berries
8. Holland and Barrett haul :)
9. Eggs, peppers, tomatoes and wholemeal toast

1.Celery sticks and a mini pot of houmous
2. Chicken and tomato salad
3. Sweet potato and carrot mash, asparagus and oven baked chicken breast
4. Homemade granola with almond milk, strawberries and banana
5. Rice cakes with houmous, salad, tomatoes and egg stuffed with houmous
6. Graze Plum and Ginger Crumble
7. Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffin and strawberries
8. Homemade pizza with tomatoes, low fat mozzarella, Bries and salad
9. Dried fruit and nut selection from H&B - the full box lasted me for a week.

Please let me know if you would like me to continue adding healthy eating posts and recipes.

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