Things I like to do: Camping

Hi everyone. I am sure that most of you love travelling, holidays abroad and short country breaks. I love it!!! If I had a chance to go somewhere every weekend, I would. Unfortunately, the weather in UK is terrible, so we only plan weekend breaks in Spring/Summer. One thing I never expected to enjoy as much as I do is camping. I never went camping, until I met my husband, but I really love the freedom you have when you go camping. Obviously, my favourite way to do it is in a campervan :) haha. It is the best way to travel and see the world in my opinion. You can drive anywhere you want and see amazing places. We went to France in a campervan in 2010 and it was awesome!!! I would love to do it again soon.

My first "camping experience" was at the age of 16, when me and my friends decided to go to a 3 day long Przystanek Woodstock festival (I lived Poland at the time) and we took tents etc with us to be able to stay there. It is one of the best high school memories I have, but I went there without my parents permission so it was kind of naughty! I wouldn't recommend that, it isn't the best idea to leave your parents worrying about you. They knew exactly where I went though, because I kept asking if I could go to the festival... and they kept saying no. I am not surprised  to be honest :)

I remember the tent we had with us... Oh dear... It was old and it took us ages to put up. If I had a chance to plan it again, I would get a pop up tent. They are fantastic! Me and my husband bought a massive pop up tent a couple of years ago and when you open the bag, the tent literally pops out of it and you are done in a second! Obviously, you have to secure it  in place once it is up, but it takes a couple of minutes and it is super easy. We paid over £150 for ours, but I found this Pop Up Tent from Millets  for £50.00 and I think that it would be perfect for festivals! It is lightweight and sturdy and has a waterproof and breathable design. Also, how beautiful is the record print allover the tent? Perfect! 

Let me know if you have any recommendations for short breaks in UK. I would love to go to Ireland and Wales as well, so if you know great places to visit, let me know in the comments.

We are planning a weekend away soon and we will be heading to the North of Scotland and I cannot wait!
I am so excited! I will definitely add a post about it, so keep your eyes peeled :) 

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