Ortigia Fico D'India EDP* £55.00 via

"The most loved Ortigia Perfume – powdery fig & cedar. The famous exotic Fico India cactus with amazing orange flowers grows huge & wild in Sicily."

I received this gorgeous scent from the SUGARBIRD Lifestyle Boutique and since I discovered their website, I keep browsing it, looking at all the beautiful, unique products they offer. I was instantly drawn to the beauty section and I have to admit- I am now lusting after all Ortigia bath and body treats :)

I have been reaching for more grown up scents recently and the Ortigia Fico D'India EDP fits into this category perfectly. It is a musky, warm, oriental scent with notes of fig and cedar, inspired by a Sicilian Cactus Plant. It is suitable for women and men and I find it incredibly beautiful and unique. Fico D'India is an extremely long lasting perfume and lingers on my skin for over 10 hours. At first, it smells quite strong and musky, but it settles to a warm, slightly sweet scent. I got many compliments on it and I also convinced my husband to use it. He loves it too.  I adore the packaging- it has an oriental feel to it and the design on both sides of the glass bottle is really interesting. Ortigia Fico D'India EDP comes in a lovely presentation box and it would make an amazing, unique gift! I really love this fragrance! If you are sick of wearing floral and girly perfumes,  I would recommend trying something different. 
You might just love it :)

My exclusive February advertiser is Louise from Confessions Of a Secret Shopper
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