Review: Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour SPF 15: - Rhubarb and Apples

"It's got the looks and the brains, combining Lanolips™ signature. Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin with pure pigment and SPF 15. Available in five must-have shades: Rhubarb, Rose, Apples, Sunshine and Dark Honey; Lanolips™ Lip Ointment with Colour SPF15 is a very rich combination of naturally glossy, non-sticky & super hydration, with the added benefit of SPF 15. Contains only the world's finest lanolin. Dermatalogically tested. All Lanolips products are animal cruelty free."

I have to admit, I was a little bit sceptical, when I first heard about the "lanolin for lips" craze.  
Why? I breastfed my baby boy and I used a 100% lanolin ointment on my nipples... I know... too much information... 
I think it was called Lansinoh - it was very thick and a bit sticky so I imagined Lanolips to be the same. 

I finally gave Lanolips a go and I am in love!!!  They are nothing like the sticky nipple balm I used before! The texture is very smooth and non sticky and it applies beautifully. 
I received the Ointments with Colour in shades Rhubarb and Apples and they feel comfortable on my lips -  like very moisturising lip balms. They taste a little bit weird, but I can deal with that, because the benefits of using lanolin are amazing! I have been using the Lanolips ointments for a week and my lips feel soft and nourished and look very plump. I am glad I decided to try them!

Shade Rhubarb is a sheer rose pink and shade Apples is a sheer bright red. In the tube, both shades look very pigmented, but they give sheer and glossy coverage. I really love the way they look on my lips. The ointments also come with an added benefit of SPF 15 to protect your lips.

There is one annoying thing about lanolin, when I am outside or leave the ointments next to the window in a cold room, they go very hard and it is hard to squeeze the product out of the tube. 

Overall, I love Lanolips Lip Ointments with Colour. They look gorgeous on my lips and  make them feel incredibly soft and nourished.

What you need to know about Lanolin:

Lanolin is…a natural product of the wool industry. It is a substance extracted from the fleece once it has been removed from an unharmed sheep once the sheep have been shorn. It’s vegetarian-friendly. Lanolin is no more cruel to animals than drinking milk, using beeswax, eating honey or even wearing wool.

It’s a good oil. The oils found in lanolin are extremely similar to those oils we secrete from within our own skin, which is why lanolin is so effective. Lanolin is one of nature’s wonder skincare ingredients.

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Left: Rhubarb,  Right:Apples
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