Updating your look with a lipstick?

For the first time in my blog's history, I have a guest post for you! :) I think that it is quite an interesting read :) Oh, and because I can't imagine adding a post without photos, I am using this opportunity to add some photos of my pretty handbags and gorgeous lippies :)

Brits feel stuck in a ‘style rut’

If you find that you’ve picked up some bad fashion habits over the years, don’t worry: you’re not alone!
According to a recent survey commissioned by voucher site Groupon, half of British women wear the same clothes and make up every day, despite the fact that 52% wish that they could give their appearance a shake-up, whilst 44% admitted to being stuck in a ‘style rut’.

With style icons like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung leading the way for British women, why haven’t we learnt to take heed from the women who do get it right? According to the same survey, 48% cite a lack of funds as a major obstacle to change, whilst 21% blame time constraints. It seems that these style habits also come down to a lack of body confidence, with 20% of survey participants confessing that they’re not self-assured enough to make the change.

So what can we do to give ourselves that much needed style makeover? Most people will agree that refreshing the way you look on the outside can have positive effects on the way that you feel on the inside. However, change doesn’t always mean that you need a complete wardrobe transplant. Whether it’s budget constraints, a lack of energy or lack of confidence that get in the way, it’s best to take things one step at a time.
With that in mind, here are a few ideas that can help create a new look by introducing small changes to your wardrobe or make-up bag.

Your handbag can affect your whole outfit; take it from handbag queen Sarah Jessica Parker, who is often seen wearing loose jeans, neutral knits and flat shoes, twinned with a Chanel quilted handbag or Fendi classic. Try going for a bold design that you wouldn’t normally opt for, such as animal or monochrome print. Lots of high street brands offer a large range of gorgeous print designs, and there’s also a great selection of ladies handbags at isme.com.

Throw out your old lipstick and try something new. Changing your lipstick is an easy way to change your look. Take your time at the make-up counters in your local department store and ask a member of staff to help you pick out the best colour to suit your complexion and skin tone.


Dress from the inside out to give yourself real body confidence. Try investing in some well-fitting underwear in silk and lace, and ensure you regularly go for a bra fitting to ensure you’re getting the right support.

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