NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil: Silver Factory

"The soft touch shadow pencil from NARS provides easy, portable, long-wearing application. 
These jumbo sized pencils have versatile functionality to shade the lid, line, or highlight the eye."

I don't really use shadow pencils on their own, but I really like using them as a base for powder eyeshadows.
I have been testing out NARS Silver Factory Soft Touch Shadow Pencil from the Andy Warhol Collection and I wanted to share my opinion with you. 

 So, what do I think?
NARS Silver Factory Soft Touch Shadow Pencil  comes in nice packaging in a form of a jumbo stick.
Unfortunately the pencil has to be sharpened so there will be a lot of product waste :/  oh, and you will need a big sharpener for it!
The formula is creamy, easy to apply and nicely pigmented.
 Silver Factory is a metallic silver shade with fine glitter. It is best used as a base for powder eyeshadows.
Like most shadow pencils it settles in the crease if used on its own, after about 10 minutes.
 That's why I prefer to use it in the inner corners to brighten my eyes and under the brow bone, as  a highlight. 
Used as a base, it helps to intensify light shimmery shades and it is very easy to blend.
I know that many bloggers hate NARS Shadow Pencils, but Silver Factory is quite a nice shade and I find it very useful to be honest. I have been reaching for it quite a lot, especially if I want to create a shimmery base in the inner corners of my eyes. Other two shades I would probably use a lot are Goddess and Hollywoodland- the first one is a a light champagne shade and the second one is a yellow gold colour.

I also purchased a Laura Mercier Caviar Shadow Stick in shade Twilight recently so I have been using two of them together for smokey eye looks. You can see the finished look without  any added powder eyeshadow on the last photo. 
I quite like it to be honest and the creasing wasn't too bad.

You can buy NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil and NARS products from

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