The Christmas Tag

Hi everyone. 
I waited all month to do the Christmas tag, because I thought that Christmas Eve will be a perfect time to do it. Oh, and I have another festive post planned for tomorrow. Most of you won't be celebrating today, but for me Christmas starts this evening. We will have a lovely dinner today, with some traditional Polish food, including dumplings and beetroot soup :) Believe me - it is delicious, even my fussy Scottish husband loves it! I already ate my body weight in cheese and chocolate, so you can expect a post on my weight loss blog about it. I am trying not to think about it now though. Tomorrow we are going to my in-laws and we will be having a traditional roast etc, the way we do it every year. The last time I had a chance to spend Christmas with my family was in 2008. I hate travelling in winter, but next year we will probably spend Christmas in Poland. Fingers crossed. 

Anyway... I was tagged by lovely Georgina from in her Christmas Tag post and I will be answering all her questions. I was really looking forward to writing this post, so I hope you enjoy it.

Q.   What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

I love spending time with my family, wrapping presents, cooking and eating yummy food, watching Christmas movies, relaxing with my husband and playing with my baby boy :)

Q.   What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I usually go for a gold and black/brown smokey eye and pink lips and I think that I will stick to the same look this year.  I might go for a red lippie, but I am not sure :)

Q.   Real tree or fake tree?
Obviously, I prefer a real tree, but with an 18 month old baby around, we have to stick to a fake one for another year. Real trees are beautiful and smell gorgeous, but I hate seeing them die after Christmas :(

Q.   Giving presents or receiving presents?
Giving, giving, giving! I always spend far too much money on Christmas presents for my family, but this year I was very careful and only got a couple of things.  Nothing crazy. Christmas is about family time!

Q.   Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Morning :)  Sometimes we open the presents at midnight :) haha

Q.   Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

Handmade if I have enough time. Last year I dressed Zac as Santa and made Christmas cards with his picture crawling next to a Christmas tree and presents! It was the best card ever and everybody loved it. This year  I bought Christmas cards, simply because I didn't have time to make any :(

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas film?
I love "Home Alone" :) haha It just reminds me of being a kid, watching it wit all my sisters and my parents.  I also like "Elf". This year we are meant to be watching "It's a wonderful life" after Christmas dinner.  Since my husband and his dad are obsessed with technology, we will be watching it projected onto a massive screen. I am really looking forward to it.

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Oh dear... I LOOOOOOVE food, so this list could be long.  I love roasted veg and brussel sprouts :) haha
I also love oven baked salmon.  I think that being an ex-vegetarian will always show in my diet and food choices.  I simply love veg! Parsnip, carrots, beetroot, celeriac, asparagus! Nom, nom!  
I also eat far too much cheese and chocolate during the Christmas period.

I hope you enjoyed this post  :) Make sure to leave a link to your Christmas tag in the comment.
I love reading them! I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have a fabulous time!!!

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