Expecting a gift faux pas this Christmas? Not this time :)

Christmas shopping is always quite stressful for guys and sometimes they need some help with buying gifts for their girlfriends, mums and other female family members :)  I usually give my husband hints and mention what kind of gift I would like, but to be honest I would like him to totally surprise me with something I wouldn't expect, like the hottest beauty product or a designer bag that I didn't actually ask for :)

For example, I would have loved the Marc Jacobs Daisy EDP*  OPI 18K gold nail varnish* as surprise stocking fillers, but I know that my husband would never buy them without me sending him a direct link and a message ---->this is what I want to get!!! :) Don't get me wrong, he has great taste, but there is always something I have been lusting after and I just don't want to mention it- for example- the 18K gold nail polish.

Now... it is possible to get something you will really love without  giving your partner a link to your wishlist or a gift guide on your blog :) If you make sure that your boyfriend/husband  knows about a website called www.askherfriends.com you might get the loveliest surprise ever this Christmas :)

What is Ask Her Friends?

A brand new, online gift-giving experience that helps guys finally get it right with your present this year, AskHerFriends uses social media to rally together those who know you best and turn them into his own personal team of advisers.

It’s simple –he signs up, chooses from a wide variety of gifts and experiences on offer and puts them into his Advice List, which is then sent via e-mail or Facebook to your friends. They can then rate and comment on his choices, thereby deciding which of them will make you squeal in excitement the most. He has the confidence that you’ll love what he has chosen and you have the best Christmas ever!

With beautiful, unique products from cool boutiques including Pretty Dandy, Two Red Trees and Picked Ruby,AskHerFriends ensures that he has picked something truly special but it’s more than just another online shopping service.

AskHerFriends also helps spark inspiration with the Experts’ Blog, featuring ideas and tips on gift-buying as well as stories about the best and worst presents ever received! Even if he’s completely clueless, the Idea Map can guide his thoughts in the right direction.

AskHerFriends is the creation of founder Ben Blomerley, who once bought an ex-girlfriend a worm farm! Set up the site after one too many present faux-pas. At a complete loss of what to buy, he says: “I started asking my girlfriend’s mum and friends for their advice and they were really helpful. Then speaking to my mates, I came to realise that I wasn’t the only one getting it wrong in the gifting department.” An AskHerFriends app and sister site, AskHisFriends are also in construction.

What do you think about this website? 
I think that it is a great idea and I already showed it to my husband and explained to him how it works. He isn't into social media, but he can always send a quick email to any of my sisters or friends and they will be happy to help with choosing a perfect gift for me :) 

Here are some very affordable stocking fillers I found on the website. Isn't the swallow bracelet cute? :)

Swallow bracelet  from Ginger Pickle £15.99

Katya bracelet from Two Red Trees £29.00

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