Richard Ward Seasons: Autumn Restore Kit

Richard Ward Seasons: Autumn Restore Kit* £24.00

"Post-summer, hair needs restoring and fortifying against the structurally damaging, drying and prematurely ageing effects of sun, sea and heat exposure. Seasons® Autumn Restore  programme helps to target sensitivity; replenishing lost lipids, replacing moisture and  regenerating hair, helping to improve the appearance of damage and re-condition, enhancing shine and vitality. Hair and scalp feel nurtured and rehabilitated, with increased strength and renewed lustre. Reach for it as an intensive repair kit when necessary or to deliver optimum emergency nourishment and restorative hair revival. products to  help repair, replenish and fortify hair during breezy, autumnal months.  Use in conjunction with Richard Ward’s Couture Hair range for optimum results."

I like to change my shampoo and conditioner quite often, so I was happy to try the Autumn Restore Kit by Richard Ward. It is such a brilliant idea. I usually get bored with using the same shampoo and conditioner and never finish a full bottle, so products in this set are a perfect size for me.
The first product I used was the Ultra Recovery Shampoo. I never get excited about shampoos, but overall I enjoyed using it and it left my hair clean and and didn't irritate my scalp.
The next step in the Restore process is the Post-Holiday Rescue-Masque. It is such a lovely treatment. The consistency is  thick and creamy and it feels very luxurious. I leave it on my hair for 10 minutes and after rinsing it off I can feel that my hair is smooth and nourished and feels really nice in general. I always know if a hair mask works, before I even dry my hair, because it just makes my hair feel amazing! I usually let my hair dry naturally and when it is completely dry it has a nice shine and looks more healthy.
The last and probably my favourite product from the set is the little bottle of  Repair Drops. I've never tried anything like this to be honest. The serum feels super silky and I use a small amount on the ends of my hair or allover my hair if I decide to use heat. I absolutely love this product. It makes my hair feel incredibly silky and gives it shine I wasn't able to get before. The serum includes Argan oil and Keratin Protein Repairing Complex to help restore damaged hair and keep the moisture in.

Overall, I really like the set, but the Repair Drops are definitely my favourite product.
The set includes 3 products:

Ultra Recovery Shampoo (100ml)
Replenishing,  rich shampoo to gently cleanse and fortify with patented Keratin Protein 
Complex and 18-MEA to help restore condition and help minimise the effects of damage and 
Argan Oil to help regain lost sheen and luminosity.
Usage: Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with Post-Holiday
Rescue Masque for maximum moisturisation.

Post-Holiday Rescue-Masque (75ml)
Ultra-intensive repairing treatment with Keratin Protein Complex, 18-MEA and Argan Oil to help 
regenerate and revive dry, damaged hair. Hair is deeply conditioned and re-nourished, 
leaving it feeling renewed and re-invigorated with enhanced shine, smoothness and 
Usage: After shampooing with Ultra Recovery Shampoo, apply to wet hair, concentrating on 
the mid-lengths and ends. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Repair Drops (50ml)
Intensive, silky serum drops with Argan Oil, 18-MEA and Keratin Protein Repairing Complex to 
help rescue and re-moisturise dry and damaged hair and leave hair feeling rejuvenated, with 
enhanced shine and smoothness.
Usage: Shake well before use. Smooth over lengths and ends prior to blow-drying or apply as a 
finishing product to gloss dry ends.
I think that the Autumn Restore kit is out of stock now, but you can get your hands on the Winter Hydrate Kit here . It is reduced to £22.00 at the moment.
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