New home for my blushers, bronzers and powders - Z Palette Pro review

I have been thinking about depotting some of my makeup for a while, especially single eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers and other products I don't really use. I tend to keep them at the back of my makeup drawers, but they definitely need more love! That's why I decided to put them all in my new Z Palette.

Depotting was actually easier than I thought. I used a thin knife to get the pans of products out of the original packaging. MUA blushers were quite hard to get out, because of the plastic cases, but the Bourjois bronzing powder was a piece of cake :) To make things easier, you can use a flat iron to warm up the back of the original case to melt the glue. This way, the metal pan will easily pop out.

The Z Palette  is sleek and sturdy and it is such a great little invention!
Since I depotted some products, I have been reaching for them more often and they are not being neglected on the bottom of my makeup drawer. You get metal stickers to stick onto the back of non metal pans (see pictures below) and keep the products in place. I used the stickers on some of the metal pans actually- don't ask me why... I am silly sometimes! ;)

My beautiful Zebra Z Palette Pro is such a space saver and it looks gorgeous!
If you were thinking about getting one, don't hesitate and order it- you will love it!!! 

You can get yours from and it comes in a variety of sizes and designs.

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