My favourite perfume: Flower by Kenzo

Hi everyone.

I am not sure if I mentioned what my favourite perfume is :) 
You probably recognize this bottle :) It is the one and only Flower By Kenzo!
I know that it is a fragrance which you either love or hate, but I absolutely looooove it :)
It is my signature fragrance and I can't imagine anything else stealing my heart.
I like other perfumes and use different ones quite often, but Flower By Kenzo is the one I always go back to and if I run out, I panic! I have every size and I hoard all the bottles, because I want to create something special with them in the future, when I am old and have about 100 empty bottles :)
I have an idea in my head, but it is a secret. I can tell you that it will look awesome!
If we can manage to keep blogging for the next 20-30 years, I will reveal my project :) haha

Now, about the fragrance itself.
"A vibrant, fresh & sensual fragrance, Kenzo Flower belongs to the floral family of fragrances. The key ingredients are Bulgarian Rose, wild hawthorn and vanilla."

Heart notes: Opopanax, White Musk

Top notes: Bulgarian Rose, Wild Hawthorn, Cassie, Palma Violets

Base notes: Hedione, Cyclosal

Flower by Kenzo is what I call the ultimate powdery, floral fragrance- the most beautiful scent ever.
I adore it. It lingers on my skin all day. It is feminine and unusual! We belong together :)

What is your signature fragrance? 
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