My dressing table

I don't think I need to write a lot about my dressing table :) I photographed every single corner of it to show you :) I painted most of my pine furniture white recently, including my dressing table and chair and I love the final effect. You can see in the last picture in the mirror that there is still a chest of drawers waiting to be painted :) That was the original colour of all my furniture and I hated it. It looks lovely and fresh now and I can't wait to finish my full dressing room and maybe do a room tour :) We will see. I hope you enjoyed the photos :) If you would like to know where I got some of the items from, just ask in the comments and I will reply asap :) PS. Zac was trying to pull everything off my dressing table when I was taking photos :) You can see his hand and hair in one of the pictures trying to get my brush jar :) Cheeky monkey ;)

01 09 10