Look Beauty "Brow Perfect" kit review

"Your Foolproof brow perfecting masterclass Get grooming ladies - power to those brows!"

I think that I own far to many brow kits, but it never stops me from buying or trying new ones. 
I like to switch between them and I always keep a small one in my handbag just in case I need a touch up on the go- it only happens if my baby boy attacks my face with milk, yogurt or other food.
 If you are a mum, you will know what I am talking about  :)

Anyway... let's talk about the Look Beauty Brow Perfect kit. 
First of all, I really like the packaging, it is a big, sturdy black case, with a massive mirror inside.
It also features a little hidden compartment with brow stencils and a "how to" guide.

The kit includes 7 brow shades, a fixing gel, mini tweezers, a double ended applicator and 4 brow stencils.
In my opinion- it is a lot, other brow kits usually consist of only 2 shades and a wax.

My favourite from the full set is the fixing gel- it is amazing! Once applied it keeps my brows in place all day. Brilliant! It looks like a clear mini mascara and I am hoping to see Look Beauty selling it separately- it would be very, very popular! 

The brow colours include 2 light beige shades, a selection of browns  and one black shade, which means that no matter what colour you need- you will find it in this brow kit! 
The consistency of the brow shades is close to  an average matte eye shadow, a bit powdery, but easy to work with. 

When you slide the top slot to the right, you will find the stencils and a little guide explaining how to use the kit. Personally, I have never used eyebrow stencils and they really freak me out :) haha
I tried one of them and they are easy to use and flexible, but a bit awkward if it is your first time trying them out. I will probably give them a go again soon, to see if I can master the skill :)

Overall, the kit is great and reasonably priced and I would definitely recommend it and probably repurchase it in the future, but I think that it will last me forever, because I can use 5 out of the 7 shades!

 I used the darkest shade for this look
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