FOTD: Long lashes, Vegas Volt and Big Curls :)

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!
I mentioned on Twitter that I won't be around all weekend. I am planning to sort out some stuff I was supposed to deal with ages ago and... My sister in law just gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl Lola :) so we are seeing the new addition to the family this weekend as well. Yay! I am so excited! I can't wait to see our little niece and I already know that I will be crying like a baby once I am able to give her a cuddle :) I always cry when I see newborns. Always!

Here is a quick FOTD from last weekend. Well, not so quick really, as with styling my hair etc it took me over 2 hours to get this look :) haha.  Why can't I just wake up with my face and hair looking like this? I enjoy doing my makeup and hair but since I became a mum I don't really have much time for it. 
My husband loves when I curl my hair, but it is a chore! I hate my straight hair. It looks sooo boring!

Enjoy your weekend and let me know if you want to see a post about the styling wand I used to create this hairstyle.  
 I listed all the products I used on my face under one of the photos below.


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