Witch Blemish Stick review

"The ultimate in blemish control, Witch Blemish Stick helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots. Simply dab on as often as required, preferably as soon as blemishes start to appear. Fights the bacteria that causes spots. Gets to work instantly.  Dab on as often as required when blemishes first appear. Great for all skin types but especially oily / combination skin. As with all skincare products use with caution on sensitive skin."
I have been getting quite a lot of breakouts under my chin and on my neck.  I don't know what caused them, because my skin is usually very clear. I always use Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Concentrate, but I decided to try something cheaper this time, to see if it works. 
I got the Witch Blemish Stick from ASDA for £1.50 on sale so it is an absolute bargain! The packaging is sturdy and the cap is very secure. The scent is quite strong, but it doesn't linger in the skin for too long. 
I apply it a couple of times a day to affected areas if I don't wear makeup, or twice a day if I wear foundation. 
I always use a small amount, because it tends to leave a sticky residue if I use too much of it. 
It claims to work immediately and to be honest, it really does. It reduces redness and if I have "fresh" breakouts, my skin stings a bit. It is a good sign to me. 
I definitely noticed an improvement since I started using it about three weeks ago. 
It helps to heal breakouts and prevents them as well. It must be the magic of witch hazel :) 
I also use it on my T-zone when it is getting out of control and it helps to reduce sebum production on my skin. 
You can't go wrong with it in my opinion and it is worth trying. 
If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend doing a patch test first, but you should be ok :)

Have you tried this product?

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