SAS & COMPANY Limited Edition Michel Mercier Box

Hi everyone.

I received a limited edition SAS & COMPANY box* recently and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

"Michel Mercier have teamed up with some fabulous fragrance brands to bring you a selection of complimentary samples when you purchase the new SAS Box. In addition to an Award Winning Michel Mercier 'Untangle Your Day' Hairbrush, the SAS Box will also include five fragrance miniatures for 'him' and for 'her'. You are able to select the Michel Mercier 'Untangle Your Day' Hairbrush in one of three variants, for fine, normal or thick hair for the usual RRP of £14.95" 
Michel Mercier Untangle Your Day Detangling Brush 
"An exclusive patent involving 428 bristles positioned at different heights with a unique geometric distribution, the brush helps to disperse the pressure placed on the hair during brushing, resulting in easier detangling, reduced hair loss and breakage, and a far more pleasant brushing experience overall. "

I've never tried detangling hair brushes, even during the Tangle Teezer craze, 
but I always wondered if they actually work. 
When you buy the SAS box you can  pick from three different brushes, designed for different hair types: 
fine, normal and thick.
My hair is fine, so I decided to get a brush for fine hair and it comes in black and pink. 
I used it on wet and dry hair and I am very impressed with it.
It definitely makes a difference - detangles all knots and glides through the hair.
The design of the brush makes it very comfortable to use.

5 fragrance samples:

I am not a massive fan of perfume samples, but I do like to get them in beauty boxes sometimes.
The Kim Kardashian roller ball is the biggest sample and it actually smells nice- floral and feminine.
I am not a fan of celebrities (especially KK) and never buy celebrity fragrances, but this one is lovely.
The next sample I like is the Galliano one- it is light and fruity, but... I would never ever buy anything from Galliano, after his horrible antisemitic remarks... I hold grudges forever! 
I also liked LaPerla samples and used them up already :) 
My husband really liked the Grigioperla Nero- it is quite pleasant and not too strong.

Overall, I really like this box. The hair brush is definitely something I would consider buying myself.

If you need a detangling brush you should treat yourself to the SAS box.

You can get the box from for £14.95.

It is a limited edition, but it is still avaliable.

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