My very short Wishlist

Hi everyone.

I don't add wish list posts very often, but this time I really, really want something! :) Believe it or not - I do not own a mobile phone at the moment! I was always addicted to my mobile, until my contract ended, after my baby boy was born.

I had a pink and white LG with a little keyboard to make texting easier and faster. It is somewhere in my house, without a SIM card or a battery ... :) 

To be honest, I don't need a mobile phone at the moment, but... I really want the new iPhone :)
 I was eyeing up the 4s, but I've been holding off, because of the price. I love my iPad and I use it non stop, so I am sure I will love the Iphone 5. The question is: Do I really need it? Or is it going to be abandoned like my previous phone? If I decide to buy it, I will get a lovely case for it to keep it safe and away from my gadget obsessed toddler. Yeah... He is just like his daddy and absolutely loves gadgets and knows more about using computers than many people I know. It is so funny :)

How beautiful is the iPhone 5 and how gorgeous is the LV case? :) I need them in my life asap!

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