ASOS, Forever21 and topshop haul

I am addicted to jewellery and clothes and I can't stop buying new stuff... I really need to stop, but it is so hard! I have got no space left in my wardrobes, drawers etc... but here is another haul :) haha
I will try to link the items that are still available on the bottom of the post from Asos and Forever21.

1.ASOS Pack of Three Neon Love Rings £3.00 link 

2. ASOS Colourful Stone Ring £2.00 link

3.ASOS Pack of Three Pyramid Ring £2.00 link

4.ASOS Curve Tile print dress £9.00 link

5.ASOS Curve bow belt  £3.50 link

6.Forever 21 mesh panel bodycon dress  £8.99 link

7.Forever21 rhinestone necklace £5.65 link

8.Forever21 tribal Princess Necklace £6.49 link

9.Forever21 rhinestone pyramid bangle set £10.65 link

10.Forever21 spike pyramid bracelet in peach and gold £3.90 link

11.Forever21 pyramid ring £3.90 link

12.Asos coil bracelets £2.00 link


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