Do you ever use products after their expiry date?

Hi everyone!

Hoarding makeup, skincare, jewellery and clothes is my biggest problem. I hate it and the situation is getting out of control. I decided to start with something easy and binned all skincare products that were no longer safe to use. Don't think I was using them after the expiry date. I wasn't. They were collecting dust in the bathroom or taking up space in my drawers.

I read a lot about skin care expiry dates and I am shocked with the fact that most of my skincare and makeup will have to be binned very soon :(
I always thought that it is safe to use beauty products until the expiry date printed on the packaging.
I was wrong. Once you open a product, the countdown starts and you have only got a couple of months to use it up. You can find this information on the packaging. Some creams are safe to use for 3 months, some will be ok to use for  6, 12 or 18 months.

Here is all the skincare I had to bin recently:
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