Bourjois magic Nail Polish Remover review. 1 second per nail?

I can't even describe how much I love this product. I am sure you've heard about it already, but... I really want to share my thoughts. I couldn't wait to get it from Boots and I kept checking my local store. I finally got my mitts on it on Monday - yay!

Does it work? Well... it doesn't remove the nail polish in 1 second as it claims, but I didn't expect that anyway :) 
It removes one coat in 5 seconds and 2-3 coats in 10-20 seconds. No scrubbing and no damage to the nail. Simply dip your finger inside the bottle and twist until the nail varnish is removed. MAGIC!!! One bad side of it is the smell. It is very strong when you open the bottle and it can give you a headache. But when you are done, your nails are clean, nourished and smell of sweet almond oil. The acetone-free formula is gentle on nails and cuticles. It is my favourite nail polish remover ever! It is simply amazing!

I wouldn't recommend it for removing glitter nail polish though, because it will damage the sponge.
01 09 10