Hi everyone.
I received a few products from Apicare New Zealand over a week ago and I have been moisturising my face, hands and body with them, every chance I got :) They all smell amazing and I can recommend them to anybody who loves the feeling of silky smooth, soft and  nourished skin.
If you are not familiar with the brand, have a look at their website with many Natural Manuka Honey Skincare products. Here is a link

I need to admit, I always loved body butters, I think they are so much better than ordinary body lotions. This one feels very creamy and luxurious, it sinks into my skin really fast, it is non greasy and I love using it. It is made with Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera and natural oils of Macademia, Sweet Almond and Jojoba. I am so glad that I received this product. It leaves my skin soft and nourished and it helped with the dryness on my knees and elbows. The 250g tub costs £14.81 and you can get it here.

Another product I have been testing is the Repair Me hand cream. I honestly can't imagine my life without hand creams. I do a lot of house work and my hands need extra care. As soon as I received this cream I placed it next to the hand wash to make sure I use it at all times. It smells amazing! I have never smelt anything like this before. It is highly concentrated so you only need a tiny pea size amount to moisturise your hands. The first time I used it I squeezed out quite a lot and I ended up moisturising my full body, as I didn't want to waste it. It contains soothing Calendula oil, Aloe Vera and UMF 16+ Active Manuka honey. 
When I see Calendula Oil on the list of ingredients I am a very happy girl. WHY? Calendula ointment was the only thing that cured my... massacred nipples (sorry for the details) when I was breastfeeding. Nothing else helped me and believe me, there was blood and tears... So when I see products with calendula oil I know they will most likely be great.
This hand cream is really worth investing in, as a little goes a long way and it makes my hands silky smooth. It also improved the condition of my cuticles. It costs £14.29 for 130g and you can get it here.
This face cream is an anti-aging formula for normal and combination skin. I am 24 and I noticed first wrinkles on my forehead... I was a little bit shocked with the deepness of them, so I started using anti-aging creams. Don't laugh at me. I am terrified of aging and in my opinion it is never to early to start preventing wrinkles. This day cream is made with Vitamin E to protect from oxidative damage and also contains an anti-aging formula with hyaluronic acid to attract and hold moisture to the skin.
The texture of this cream is very light, what makes the cream easily absorbed. If I don't have makeup on, I like to use it during the day. I am getting slightly obsessed with moisturising... 
Can you overdo it?
90g costs £25.54 and you can get it  here.

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