Monday, 21 December 2015

DIY Gift Tags, using old Graze Boxes

I did most of my Christmas wrapping this years using recycled paper etc, as I really love the thought of re-using old packaging. From Primark bags to paper stuffing from deliveries, I used it all. I even made my gift tags out of old Graze boxes and I wanted to share the quick  and easy DIY with you/

You will need:
-old graze boxes
-white address stickers
-paper puncher

Stick the address labels onto the back of the boxes and cut them all out.

Punch a hole in the middle.

Add a bit of string.

Write the name of the recipient on the back and you're done :)

Do you do any DIY wrapping?



  1. Sandra, I love this idea. Its so crafty and eco friendly. I always say how cute the designs are on the graze boxes. This is a fab use for them


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