Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Brand Spotlight: Weleda

I decided to do more brand spotlight edits this year and I am starting with one of my favourite natural brands - Weleda. I have been a fan of their products for a quite a long time and some of them became my everyday essentials and regular repurchases.

My favourite scent from the brand is definitely Citrus. My obsession started with the Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk and I can't even describe how amazing it is. It smells like freshly squeezed lemon juice, but looks like milk. It's perfect, when you need a refreshing bath. Don't drink it though :) haha. If you are not a 'bath person' and prefer showers, the Citrus Creamy Body Wash will be perfect. It is very gentle on the skin and leaves it super soft and nourished. I also adore the Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion, but I used it all up recently so I couldn't photograph it. The Citrus Hand and Nail Cream* is like a lighter version of Skin Food, but it works wonders on dry hands and damaged nails. 

The last item I have tried from the citrus range is the one I repurchased many times - the Citrus Deodorant. I use it as my everyday antiperspirant, but on days when I am more likely to be a sweaty mess, I layer it with my trusty Salt Of The Earth stick. Please, please, please read up about traditional deodorants and their links to breast cancer. It can save your life! I know some deodorant addicts and I seriously worry about them :(

The other two Weleda products I love are the cult Skin Food and my newest discovery - Foot Balm*. Skin Food heals the worst case of dryness in no time and I use it on my hands, elbows, knees and ankles. I swear by it! 

My feet are seriously dry too and I do neglect them for long periods of time, but Weleda's Foot Balm exceeded my expectations in the healing department! It has cooling and soothing properties and it is a real godsend for tired feet.

Have you tried Weleda products?
It's a brand I can't live without and I feel like they deserve more love :)

PS. I buy Weleda from feelunique.com

*PR samples



  1. The Skin Food is honestly my holy grail. It is incredible! Apparently VB swears by it too?!

    AMANDA LOVES | UK Style and Beauty Blog

  2. I've tried the Weleda Skin Food and lip balm, both are amazing!! There is so much offered by the brand, that citrus wash sounds lovely.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. As a natural beauty lover, I am a big fan of Weleda! I am super intrigued by the foot balm, I have never tried it ....but it seems that my foot need it too! x

  4. Never even heard of this brand. Sounds pretty amazing , I love that fact it's natural . xox


  5. I have one welda product, their clarifying lotion and I have read it is amazing, but I personally can’t get past the smell!


  6. that deodorant is one of my favourite smells! I've yet to try the sage one because I always go for the citrus last minute! have you tried the sage?!



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