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Since it's January and it's officially the 'detox season', I thought I will mention my experience with Plenish. I am a big fan of juicing and I often drink fresh veg/fruit juices to nourish my body, speed up my metabolism or even as a short cleanse. Some people do juice cleanses for a couple of days, some do it for weeks or even months. I personally wouldn't do it for longer than a week and my longest cleanse lasted for 3 days.

I actually felt really energised and refreshed every time I did a juice cleanse in the past and I feel like my body loves a little break from solid food sometimes. Please remember to consult your doctor if you are considering a long juice cleanse, especially if you have any health problems. 

Plenish offers a small selection of juices and milks and they are all made with the finest organic ingredients. It's all about keeping as much nutrition in the juice as possible and you can read about the full process here.

I must admit, the juices are pricey, but if you can afford them, you know you are getting the best quality possible. I was kindly sent the Tasting Flight pack* to try out the flavours and I think that it's a great way of checking if you could possibly do a Plenish juice cleanse, before paying for a full week of juices. I personally found most of the flavours lovely, but two of the juices were almost undrinkable (in my opinion anyway). 

 The milks were my favourite part. Oh my... The Cashew Milk is delicious, creamy and filling and the Cacao Maca Cashew Milk is ideal for those who crave chocolate. I actually recreated both in my blender after trying the flavour combinations. Yum!

 Pineapple² was delicious too and I don't see anyone disliking it. It is seriously yummy and refreshing. The Sweet Sexy Green was also a tasty combo with a great balance of green and sweet flavours. 

Unfortunately, the Spicy Limonade wasn't my cup of tea. OMG... I seriously struggled with it and I think that it would have been so much better without the chilli. It really ruined the flavour for me :(  I couldn't even finish drinking it, but because I hate wasting food, I used it as a base for a curry :)

Mind Body Green is another great green juice option with a zesty twist. Yum, yum, yum. Sweet Potato Pie was surprisingly nice, but I had to take my time with it, because I wasn't familiar with it the flavour and I had to get used to it.

The last juice was another 'NO, NO' for me. I don't mind beetroot in my juices, but I just couldn't enjoy this one. I am not sure why. I think it needed more sweetness, more cherry and less beetroot. I forced myself to drink half of it, but I was on a verge of vomiting.

Overall, I absolutely loved 5 of the flavours, was ok with 1 and hated 2. I juice a lot and I love it, so keep that in mind. Everyone likes different things. My husband hates green juices and only drinks sweet ones, while I can drink 1L of cucumber and celery juice and I will ask for more :)

What do you think about the whole juicing craze? I think it's ok to do it for a couple of days and it can benefit your body, but I prefer including nutritious juices in my everyday life.

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