Thursday, 15 January 2015

Blogging On The Go / Acer Aspire Switch 10

The main laptop I use for blogging is absolutely huge and super heavy. I love using it at home, but whenever I am travelling, I need something more compact. My new Acer Aspire Switch 10* is exactly what I was looking for and it is definitely the most versatile tablet I have ever used.

Don't get me wrong... I do love iPads, but only for browsing the net and watching videos. Blogging from an iPad is a real pain, even with special apps. IOS is also known for restricting users with almost everything, so I needed a tablet with a different operating system and more features.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 can be used as a standard touch-screen tablet or as a laptop with Windows 8.1. It is fantastic for someone who uses programs like Photoshop to edit their pictures and prefers to work on a laptop. I am one of those people. I just love working with Windows, because that's what I am used to, especially when I want to be more productive. Having a full keyboard is also ideal for blogging on the go. You can use the touchscreen and keyboard at the same time as well, which is great for multitasking. I find myself trying to touch the screen on my big laptop quite often and I end up laughing at myself - well, not with the Acer Switch 10 :) It actually works, haha.

Switch 10 is a light, thin, sleek and beautiful looking device. The brushed aluminium finish is very elegant, modern and nice to the touch. The 10.1" Full HD display ensures bright colours and crisp, clear text, making the user experience very pleasant.  You can switch between four different modes - flip, rotate or detach in a snap. It's very easy , as the hinge on the keyboard uses force of magnetism to make the screen attach smoothly and effortlessly. 

Other great features of the Switch 10 include Zero Air Gap technology and  Acer LumiFlex™ display to eliminate reflections and provide optimised color, letting you use the tablet comfortably even in direct sunlight.

You also get many different ports to connect your devices, including Micro SD, Micro USB, USB 2.0 and Micro HDMI. Fantastic! Maybe Apple should watch and learn!

The operating system is very smooth, making the device quick and glitch-free. The initial setup took 2 minutes and I love the fact that as soon as I unlock the screen I can start working.  The only problem I have with the tablet is the small storage space of only 32GB. Considering the size of all the files on the drive, you are only left with about 15GB. With constant Windows updates I have11GB left after just 3 days! I will have to invest in a big Micro SD card for storing any files, which is fine, but I thought I should mention that.

Overall, I think that Acer Aspire Switch 10 is a fantastic 2 in 1 device and a perfect option for bloggers. The only thing I would change is the small storage space, but other than that, I am perfectly happy with it!

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  1. Wow this sounds amazing, I really love the keyboard too such great idea this would be perfect for when I'm up late at night blogging in bed! Looks so sleek!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. Sandra I adore your blog but please consider doing less sponsored posts it's beggining be off putting surely you have other things which haven't been sponsored to recommend ?

    1. First of all, this post isn't sponsored. Secondly, have you read my blog lately? 5 out of 8 posts on the main page cover products and topics bought with my own money. I am actually really upset and slightly offended by this comment, considering my current content.

  3. The device looks so elegant and nice *_* Sometimes I have the same problem like you, my laptop is quite big and heavy ... I have to travel a few hours to see my boyfriend :( but I like to play videogames and I can't have a device for everything haha :D
    But all in all nice. Hope you have a fun time using your aspire 10 :)

  4. It's such a cute little laptop and it's so multi functional. I was looking for a laptop like this, but I think I found one now.

  5. This looks amazing, so sleek and I love that you can just take it apart and arrange it in so many different ways. Might consider this when my current Macbook (for almost 5 years now) eventually dies x

    Beauty with charm

  6. Wow that is so neat! Love the flexibility!

  7. Oh wow, what a jazzy device!

    Sophie x

  8. Fab review Sandra :) I've always said that Windows 8 was built for tablets and really lends itself to that platform more than on a PC, this looks like a great on-the-go laptop :)


  9. This sounds amazing! Not to mention how cute it is.

  10. I was looking at this the other day! I ended up spending a little extra and getting the Surface Pro though. No regrets so far! These tablet/laptop hybrids are really amazing and so convenient on the go.

    Beauty Challenged

  11. oooo looks like something I need in my life. xox

  12. That's great!! I have an ACER laptop and totally adore! I am a fan of this brand!!!)

  13. This looks pretty damn awesome! I really need something lighter than my current laptop to blog on the go and write for my uni journalism course :)
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  14. I've never heard of these before - genius design. I love Apple products but like you, I'd much rather blog in Windows (I use Windows Live Writer).

    Nic x StrawberryBlondeBeauty


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