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NEW from Makeup Revolution

There is one brand on the market that brings out new  products constantly - Makeup Revolution. Seriously, I think they launch something new every week. Which is obviously a good thing for us beauty addicts! The best part - all the products are very affordable and the quality is fantastic as well!

Ultra Blush Golden Sugar Palette*(£6.00)
It is a blush, bronzer & highlight palette, but most of the shades are shimmery so it's basically a selection of highlighters with a few darker shades. Absolutely stunning! I use 6 of the shades as a highlight and two as a bronzer, but lighter skin tones will be able to use some of the darker colours as a blush/bronzer as well. I love the golden tones, the formula is finely milled and adds a gorgeous glow to the skin. There are swatches of the palette on the product page.

The Iconic palettes are probably my favourite design from Makeup Revolution. Very sleek, with a clear top to let you see what's inside. Iconic Dreams is a mixture of gorgeous greens, bronze, beige and golden shades and it will suit every skintone and eye colour. You get 12 super-pigmented eyeshadows with an amazing formula and good lasting power. Shades 1,3 and 11 are a little bit chalky, but the rest are simply incredible for the price!

The One Fuild Blushers in Desire* and Pink Dew* (£3.00 each)
These are dupes for Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blushers, but at a fraction of the price! The formula is nice and silky and you simply dab it onto your cheeks and blend out for the most natural looking flush of colour. You can build up the intensity as well. These are also water resistant so they stay put all day. Fantastic! 

Viper Mascara* (£3.00)
Really nice mascara actually. It was designed to catch all of your lashes, add volume, length and definition and that's exactly what it does. I curl my lashes first, add one coat, let it dry slightly and add another coat. The effect is very natural, no clumps and no smudging.

I have been using primers religiously lately and this one is a real multi-tasker. It is weightless, diffuses imperfections and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also absorbs oil and eliminates shine. Apparently it can be used in place of a traditional pressed powder as well. It feels very silky and creates a perfect canvas for my foundation and concealer. 

Possibly my favourite new release from Makeup Revolution. It's a dupe for Makeup Forever Aqua Brow. I haven't used the original, but I love this cheap alternative. It is AMAZING! It's a thick super pigmented cream and I use it with a fine angled brush. The formula dries quickly and stays put all day. I need the dark shade asap!

I was also sent some of the new brow and eye products, which are all fantastic!

I am pleasantly surprised with this double ended felt tip liner. It does it's job perfectly and it is super easy to use. It also lasts on my lids really well and provides ultra black colour. 

I use a flesh coloured pencil on my waterline almost every day and this one is pretty good. Not as opaque as I would like it to be, but it still manages to give a nice brightening effect. It lasts for 4-6 hours, before I have to reapply.

Another fab brow product. I really like felt tip pens for drawing little hairs to make my brows appear fuller. There is also a soft pencil on the other side. As much as I love my Anastasia Brow Wiz, I might just stick to this one, as it is 5 times cheaper and it is double ended. I just need a darker shade.

Perfect for travelling, as it comes with a liner and a khol to save space in your makeup bag. Super pigmented, ultra black and long lasting.  

Wearing the Brow Tint in Medium, Golden Sugar Palette, Fluid Blush in Pink Dew, Iconic Dreams Palette, Viper Mascara, Inner Eye Brightener and Double Flick Liquid Liner.

*PR samples



  1. Your makeup looks stunning! I can't believe how cheap this brand this but WOW! The results are incredible. I'd love to try out the eye brightener.

  2. The blushers seem fantastic! I need to try products from this brand asap

  3. The eyeliner looks really good & I love the look of that blush palette. Gorgeous x

  4. Well looks like I have lots of new additions to my MUR wish list! I'd noticed the new releases on various social media platforms but hadn't paid too much attention to them until now, there's some definite winners for me. Will need to place a little order at some point x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  5. I definitely need to check this brand out, perfect for a student like myself!

  6. Your makeup looks really pretty! Makeup Revolution has some great products and they're not expensive at all like the Iconic Palette! Love it xx

  7. This has definitely made me want that blush palette.🙈😘 need!

  8. That blush and eyeshadow palette looks amazing I think I need them in my life! Plus you look amazing especially your eyebrows, I can see me buying all these things soon.

  9. This blush palette is perfection! Awesome stuff and I love your make up <3

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  10. Great post! I wish they had this brand in the US!

    Missmacbeauty | Missmacbeauty

  11. very affordable price - I like Ultra Blush Golden Sugar Palette the best!

  12. The blush and eyeshadow palette both look beautiful! Can't believe the price of this brand :) xx

  13. all these products look great xx

  14. You look gorgeous Sandra, lovely eye look and I can't stop LOLing as I misread the name of the Awesome Liquid Eyeliner in your pic - please tell me someone else thought the same?! ;)

    Nic xx

  15. I want to try all of them :( Shopping spree as soon as my wages come in I think :D x

  16. I wish revolution was more accessible where I live because there are some amazing products here!

  17. Beautiful products, they're all gorgeous!


  18. Makeup Revolution is best for a student's budget! Really nice photography I must say! ^_^

  19. want the aqua brow tint it look so good! I love MUR and I have so much products in my makeup collection by them and I want more, they are so good for the price :)

    P.s: Lovely post!

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