The Greedy Book

If you always worry about the awkward gift situation, when you have to pretend that you like something, but inside you are thinking 'what is this???', I have a solution for you :) Not everyone has a blog where they can share a wish list and most of us find it a bit cheeky to ask for certain gifts, but... you can always drop a hint on social media and hope for the best :) 

How? With The Greedy Book. It's a new website described as the 'home of the wish list', where you can  collate a mixture of your favourite things with direct links to products. It's very user friendly and you can add items using your own links or by browsing the Discover tab. Here is how it works:

 1. Once you register your details, you can start creating your Greedy Book Library, with as many books as you want. Click 'Add a new book', name it and you are all set.

 2. If you always have a 'mental wish list' and know exactly what you want, paste your link and click find. You can install 'The Greedy Button' in your browser as well, if you are feeling super greedy :) It makes it easy to add things you love to your greedy books from any online store with a click of a button.

3.  You will be shown the info about the product and you can browse through the images and add your own description.  Once you are done, click add and the item will appear in your book.

4. Keep adding more items, until you are happy with the selection :) I picked  some candles, a fragrance, jewellery and a coffee machine. As much as I adore beauty and fashion, the the Nespresso is on the top of my list. You can find my list here.

 5. Share your 'greedy book' on your social media or via email and be good to make sure you are top priority on Santa's list this year :) 

Do you like the idea of The Greedy Book? I love the name and the concept! To create your own Greedy Book visit

*I will be gifted one item from my Greedy Book as a thank you for writing this post

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