Thursday, 20 November 2014

Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Watch & Discount Code

I own a beautiful Daniel Wellington St Andrews Lady Watch (review here) and it is one of my most worn timepieces. The newest addition to my small watch collection is the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Watch* (£149.00) and I already know that I will get even more wear out of it. It is absolutely stunning!

I have always wanted a classy watch with a NATO strap and Daniel Wellington offers are the most beautiful designs on the market. Elegant, chic and well made. As soon as you open the box, you can see that the quality is exceptional. The feel of the watch is very luxurious and I can't recommend it enough.

I picked the rose gold option, but you can also opt for silver. Oh, I also went for the bigger (mens) size, simply because I like big watches and I think they look better on me. The Classic Oxford watch features a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing dial, with rose gold details and a navy and red striped wristband. It's a gorgeous timepiece!  The biggest advantage of the NATO strap watches is the fact that all of the straps from the collection are interchangeable and it takes 10 seconds to change the look of your watch. 

The red accent goes beautifully with red nails and it has been my go to combo recently. So classy!

I am absolutely in love with the Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Watch and I am planning to buy more straps for it. It will allow me to change the look of the watch to go with other outfits.

If you like the look of Daniel Wellington watches and want to treat yourself or your loved ones to one of the gorgeous DW pieces, make sure to use my 15% OFF code: blackpearl at the checkout at (valid till the end of November).

*gifted item



  1. I think Daniel Wellington watches are so beautiful, they have some really timeless pieces! I don't wear watches too much apart from for work so I'm not sure I could justify the purchase but it doesn't make me want one any less. x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. That's a really beautiful watch. Great choice. I forget sometimes how watches can make such classic, cool accessories in outfits. Love the photos too.

    Lisa xo |

  3. This is a really beautiful watch, so different to every other watch I keep seeing x

  4. This is gorgeous!


  5. Just so classic! I have a Michael Kors and love it but barely wear it. Mainly because I just always forget to put it on in the morning!

  6. Oh, it's so beautiful! <3

  7. Such a stunning watch! xx

  8. This is such a stunning piece, and I absolutely love the way you photographed it! x

  9. Such a gorgeous watch, I love how simple the watch face is, very elegant :)


  10. Beautiful and elegant watch, and I like this blue&red strap also! I just wish it had a calendar, but I guess then it would not be so simple and sleek...

  11. Oh this is lovely, I just received my Daniel Wellington watch today. So exciting x


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