Scholl Nail Beauty Set

I don't give my nails, hands and feet as much TLC as they need. I am ok with nail care, but my feet are probably the most neglected part of my body to be honest, especially since I seriously fell out with my Ped Egg. I swear... it ruined my feet and it took them a full year to get back to normal. Since the Ped Egg disaster, I have been very careful with what I use on my feet, but when I was offered a Scholl manicure & pedicure set to try out, I jumped at the chance. Why?

I have tried many Scholl products in the past and I simply trust the brand. After all, they specialise in one thing and that's the best way to gain loyal customers in my opinion. 

 The set I picked is the Scholl Nail Beauty Set* (£39.99), which contains everything you need to do pedicures and manicures at home. All the tools come in a sturdy plastic box and here is what you get inside:

- large coarse shaping disc to shape and file thick toe nails
- medium shaping disc to shape and file thicker nails
- 2 small fine shaping discs to gently shape and file your nails
- filing cone smoothes nail edges or gently remove dead skin
- rough skin remover to remove hard skin
- cuticle lifter
- thin rounded stone to smooth the nail surface and remove dead skin from around the nail
- thin pointed stone for shaping nail corners
- cleaning brush to clean your nails after shaping
- polishing cone to smooth and buff for a glossy finish on your fingernails
- polishing disc to smooth and buffs for an extra glossy finish on toe nails
- hand held cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles

There is also an integrated nail dryer, that blows cool air to dry the nails quicker. You can either plug it into the socket with the plug provided or put batteries into the back of the box. It is super easy to use and you simply place your hand inside, push the plastic plate down and it starts blowing cold air. Perfect! 

The 'pen' is rechargeable and it features two speeds (5000 RPM-7400 RPM). Fully charged, it gives 2 hours of use, but you can also plug it in, if you forgot to charge it. 

You get 12 attachments in total and I found most of them easy to use. From filing discs to polishing tools and shapers, you get everything you need for a perfect manicure/pedicure. I also love the rough skin remover - it is a real saviour and my most used attachment from the full set. I use it on the lower speed setting and it leaves my feet smooth, without damaging the skin. 

If you love doing your manicures and pedicures at home, you might want to invest in this set. It is fab, especially if you manage to get it on offer. It would make a great gift as well.

Available from Argos and Boots.

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