Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Gallery Wall

I have been working on my gallery wall for a while. Collecting frames, prints etc. I am still unsure if I will add more bits and bobs to it, but I am happy with the way it looks at the moment. Actually... I am in love and I can't stop staring at it, haha :)

Most of the prints I picked are just cards and stickers that came with My Little Box. I love Paris and anything French, so these seemed perfect. I also created some sticker collages, drew the 'Follow Your Heart' thingy and framed a card I got for my husband and a press release from Nuxe (French again, haha).

All the white and gold frames are from BM Bargains and they were super cheap. The gold ones were on offer - 2 for £2.00 and the white ones come in a pack of three for £2.99. The Love sign is from BM as well. It was originally white with a pink heart print, but I painted it mint green to go with our main living room wall and curtains. 

My favourite frame from the full arrangement is the Dassie Zola Rustic A5 Frame* (£23.95) in light green. It is gorgeous! It was handmade from reclaimed and recycled wood in South Africa and it is 100% ecofriendly and fairtrade. I love the distressed finish and the colour goes perfectly with our living room decor. I mentioned Dassie in this home decor post as well, featuring a gorgeous little Baobab Tree. All their pieces are very unique.

To make the gallery wall a little bit more unique, my husband came up with an idea of a wooden shelf (genius!) and I put two of the gold frames on it, as well as some decorations, including flowers, polaroid style photos and small candles. The vases with flowers are from TK Maxx (£4.99 each) and I think they look gorgeous!

I am sooooo happy with the way the gallery wall turned out. What do you think?

*gifted item



  1. Love this! It looks so lovely, and your photography is great!! x

    emily x ♥ | emily's beauty blog

  2. I absolutely love how you've done this! I've been seeing lots of gallery walls on Pinterest and you've made me want to do one even more now!
    Lydia x

  3. This is such a lovely feature. I really like the minty green tones.


  4. Love your gallery, it has given me some ideas for mine which is on the stairway.

  5. It's really lovely Sandra, nice and light and delicate & not a bit overpowering V. impressed!

  6. You created such a gorgeous gallery. I love every single print. I'm sure decorating the wall made working there much more fun. :) x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

  7. WOW - I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to.

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  8. Beautiful I love your decor posts please do them more often if you can, could you tell me what mint paint you used to do the sign? My bedroom is mint and there's few things I would love to paint mint xx

  9. Gallery walls are always so interesting to look at. I really love the colour scheme of yours, it's something different from the typical monochrome!

  10. This looks so lovely, great job!

  11. I love this, especially with the slight mint green theme! Very nice :)

    Life As Lissy

  12. Wow! This is so pretty, I'd love to do something like this one day. Going to pin it and keep it for inspiration.


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