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Before And After 4 Glycolic Acid Peels

I mention my breakout prone skin in every single skincare review/feature. I get lots of breakouts on my jawline and neck and random ones allover my face due to many factors. They are mostly hormonal and get worse before 'that time of the month', but I am not planning to take any pills to deal with the issue. I decided to try glycolic acid peels though and I am finally ready to share my thoughts with you. Sorry, if it's all a bit rambly. I was nervous about putting the before and after photos up, but I hope it gives you an idea of what to expect. Remember, nobody's perfect :)

I already wrote about my consultation at the Sk:n Clinic Glasgow HERE and I had 4x30% peels since then. I had the peels 2-3 weeks apart. As usual, I am going to be 100% honest with you. 

The peels weren't uncomfortable at all and I haven't experienced any discomfort or stinging. After a quick cleanse, the peel was left on my skin for 10 minutes (15 minutes during my 4th peel) and neutralised with a neutralising solution, which wasn't uncomfortable either. I only felt a slight tingling sensation. After the peel was removed, a moisturiser was applied and I was ready to go home. My skin was a bit red immediately after each peel, but it was back to normal within 30-60 minutes and I could wear makeup the next day. Each appointment will take about 30 minutes. It is very important to wear high SPF after the peels, to make sure your skin is fully protected from the sun.

The most noticeable change was the change in texture of my skin. It felt and looked smoother and plumper immediately after each peel. The pores were visibly reduced as well, especially on and around my nose. After the 2nd peel, I started to notice light scars fading and after the 4th peel the darker scars started to disappear too. I was mostly concerned about scarring, so I am quite pleased with that. Any red/fresh spots would dry up much quicker as well, resulting in clearer looking skin. I also noticed that my t-zone became less oily.

I was secretly hoping that the peels might prevent breakouts, but it didn't happen. I noticed that my skin looked much clearer after 3 peels, but two weeks after my last peel, my skin was back to the hormonal mess it was before. The texture of my skin was still nicer though and the scars faded dramatically. You can see on the 'after photo' that I still have many small breakouts on my cheeks, jawline and neck, but not as angry and red as before and a medium coverage foundation gave me flawless finish. Before, I was using a full coverage one. 

My skin about 30 minutes after my 3rd peel.
My skin after 4 peels. Only some light scarring left

Did the peels work for me? Yes and no. Due to my breakouts being mostly hormonal, I didn't get the clear skin I secretly hoped for. After the 3rd peel, my skin cleared up a lot, but about 2 weeks after my 4th peel I started getting A LOT of evil breakouts again, which meant that I couldn't really continue with the treatment. I knew that my issue was hormonal, so I can't complain about that. The reason why I refuse to take any pills to deal with it is because they increase the risk of some cancers etc. It's just my personal choice, because I am very careful about what I put into my body. I know that it is just a stage and it should pass once I am back to a healthy weight etc. I am 'lucky' to have the spots on areas easy to hide, so if I wear my hair down and do my makeup, you won't see a single spot. 

I am glad I tried the peels, because they reduced my scarring and speeded up the healing process massively, but because I keep getting new breakouts, I couldn't really appreciate the effects fully and had new scars and breakouts to deal with.  As someone who is always anxious, I can't leave my face alone and start picking, which leads to spreading bacteria and scarring. Neverending cycle... :(  Once my hormones are back to normal, I will probably go for a couple of peels again.

If you have a hormonal issue, you will have to sort it out first, before you go for the peels. Otherwise it might be a waste of money. If you don't have many active breakouts and only have scarring or want to improve the texture of your skin and simply rejuvenate it before a big event, you will love the effects. Smoother, plumper skin, pores are reduced, scars and discolouration fade and any little blemishes heal quicker too. Your makeup will sit better as well. Even if your skin is naturally clear, you will notice a big difference right away. 

You can book a consultation for glycolic acid peels at your local sk:n clinic

*my peels were complimentary



  1. I think the before and after pictures were a necessity for this post so thank you for deciding to put them up! This is something I've considered in the past and looked into so this was very helpful! I wonder if this sort of thing is not recommended for sensitive skin? Any thoughts?

    Really helpful post, thank you!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. You would be surprised ho many people don't put any pictures up while reviewing treatments. I understand why though.

      I am not sure how the peels would work on sensitive skin, but skin around my nose is very sensitive and stings when I use some face masks, but it felt fine during the peels.

  2. Wow, the results are amazing! Your skin is so flawless and you should be so proud of it! Gorgeous skin. xx

  3. Love to see that your scarring lightened up! I have many scars on my face that I'm wanting to lighten, but am waiting for my breakouts to lessen up before I do something like this.

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  4. I think I would like to try these, but yeah my skin is so hormonal so I don't know how much it would really benefit me. However it'd be good to get rid of the scars I have at the moment.

  5. i tried this previously and worked like you mentioned for a while but then my breakouts decided to re join my face.


  6. Thanks for the before and afters. It does look like it did a really decent job. I just posted a review on Perricone MDs Cold Plasma on my blog, and one of the products is the Blue Plasma, which is a daily chemical peel. I have found it works wonders for me and in less than a week cleared my skin completely without over-drying or causing redness.

  7. Your experience was so much better than mine, my skin feels worse now than it did before. I am split between leaving my skin to its own devices and having another peel to see if it improves.

  8. I think the results that you are showing are great!

  9. i should do something like that to erase my acne scars!
    kisses from portugal

  10. This is incredible, thank you for sharing the results - it truly shows how effective this is. I don't have breakout prone skin, however the reduction in pores and plumpness to the skin you described is definitely interesting. Would you still recommend it for someone like me?

    1. Yes definitely. You will see a big difference. Your skin will be much smoother & plumper, pores less visible, and your makeup will sit beautifully!


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